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Tourist/visitor in the USA

Are you a visitor in the USA (tourist visa/ESTA) and would like to take part-time recreational classes during your stay in the United States? Contact a student advisor today for help enrolling in our semi-intensive English course.

How can I enroll as a

Enrolling is easy.
Follow the steps below to enroll or contact a student advisor with questions.

Complete the LANGUAGE ON Application for Admission

Submit a picture or copy of your passport

Pay the registration and materials fee

Frequently asked questions

How long can I stay in the USA with an F-1 visa?

F-1 visas may be valid for entry to the United States for up to 10 years, but F-1 status (the ability to legally remain in the United States while enrolled in a full course of study) typically lasts for the duration of the student’s approved course.
F-1 visa students must return to their home country within 60 days of the completion of their program.

What are the requirements for the F-1 visa?

– Attend a SEVP-approved language training program or academic institution.
– Maintain full-time status.
– Demonstrate financial ability to pay for their cost of living and studying in the United States. You, or your sponsor, must provide your school with a bank statement or a certified bank letter proving that you (or your sponsor) possess sufficient available funds to cover the total cost of attendance of your program.
– Maintain foreign residence and demonstrate intent to return upon course completion.

What is the 1-20 form?

The I-20 form is not the F-1 (student) visa itself. However, you will need to get an I-20 before you can qualify for the F-1 visa.
The I-20 form is a United States Department of Homeland Security document and can only be issued by a qualified school official (DSO or PDSO) at an institution that is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant students.
The I-20 is a “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status.”

How long does it take to process the F-1 visa?

It depends on the country (and sometimes the city) where you will be applying for your visa. Each United States embassy and consulate has different processing times, which typically range from a few days to a few weeks.
You can visit the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate where you will be applying to see their current wait times.

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An F-1 initial applicant is a prospective student who is outside of the USA and applies for an F-1 visa at an embassy in their home country or another country before entering the USA.

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An F-1 transfer student is a student who already has the F-1 visa (F status), is studying with another school and wishes to transfer to LANGUAGE ON.

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A change of status applicant is a prospective student who is currently in the United States under another visa status and wishes to obtain an I-20 to change their status to F without returning to their home country.

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Are you a visitor in the USA (tourist visa/ESTA) who would like to take part-time, recreational English classes during your stay in the United States?

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Locals who are American citizens or permanent residents can choose between full time intensive classes or part-time semi-intensive classes.

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