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Student Health

LANGUAGE ON does not require you to have health insurance in order to enroll in our English programs, but it is very important that you have some form of travelers health insurance.
Neither the United States of America nor the States of Florida or Utah provide free health care services, even in emergencies. Health care in the USA can be very expensive. Check out the options below to see if they suit your needs and budget.

Patriot Exchange Program

Medical coverage for students, families & groups while studying abroad.

Student Health Advantage Plan

Long-term international students and scholars medical insurance.

Do you need more advice about buying health insurance?

Important information about health insurance

In the United States, most medical services are provided by private companies and medical professionals. The cost of healthcare in the United States is very high in comparison to healthcare costs in most other countries.
Failure to carry personal health insurance can result in severe, potentially catastrophic financial consequences for an uninsured individual who experiences even a relatively minor health problem.