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What is LSAT?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an approximately four hour standardized test that forms an integral part of the law school admission process in the United States. Most competitive law schools place significant weight on applicants’ LSAT scores. In fact, many law schools publish data that reveal unofficial minimum cutoff scores that essentially disqualify otherwise qualified applicants with LSAT scores below the cutoff point. Effective LSAT preparation is essential to your success in the highly competitive law school admissions process.

LSAT preparation can make the difference between success and failure
The test has three question types: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning (logic games) and logical reasoning
The LSAT ends with an unscored and relatively unimportant writing sample
Many test takers find analytical reasoning (logic games) to be the most difficult section of the LSAT

How we will prepare you for the LSAT?

All of our LSAT courses are highly individualized tutorials that focus on the specific preparation you need to achieve your target LSAT score. During your customized LSAT course, you will become thoroughly familiar with the structure, content and timing of the test as you acquire powerful strategies to succeed on each section and question type. Extensive diagnostic and practice testing, including section-length and full-length tests featuring real questions from prior LSAT administrations, form the backbone of every LSAT class. As you progress in your LSAT prep course, you will learn from prior mistakes through our error analysis and review system to help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes over again. By the time you complete your LSAT preparation course, you’ll be ready to tackle the LSAT with confidence on test day.

Individualized LSAT prep courses
Extensive diagnostic and practice testing
Powerful strategies to succeed on every question type
Flexible scheduling options
Multiple lesson packages for students of all ability levels
Online instruction available

* Instruction for Test Preparation is provided by Premium Languages, the private tutorial, foreign language, and test preparation partner of Language On. Courses provided by Premium Languages are not accredited by CEA and do not qualify for F-1 (student) visas.

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