Intensive English Course
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Language On’s Intensive English Course uses an integrated approach by combining reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation in every class. We have a six level program (beginner to advanced), plus an optional TOEFL prep module.

How can I enroll in Language On’s Intensive English Course?

To get started, simply complete our school application and provide a copy of a valid passport or government-issued photo identification. Contact a student adviser to get started and find out which course is best for you!

(Students who will require an F-1 student visa to study at Language On will also be required to complete an I-20 application form and provide other information (including evidence of financial ability to pay for their program) as required by U.S. immigration law.)


Intensive English Course
(For International Students in the USA, F1 Visa)


Semi-Intensive English Course
(For visitors in the USA, Tourist Visa / ESTA)

Key Facts


Course name
English Unlimited
Age: 16+

Intensity & Levels
Length: 1 to 92+ weeks
6 levels + TOEFL Prep
(Beginner to advanced)
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Our Teaching Approach
Language On Instructors:

People are saying…

  • review rating 5  The way that they teach is enjoyable, the teachers are well prepared, the location is clean, quite and relaxed. Their methodology is used according to the students need. I really recommend LOM to my friends. There is not other school in Miami to learn the language better Language On. Another good thing is that if you can not go to their location the teacher go where you are office, home or you just set the place or time you would like. So, their is not excuse to no learn another language. They are just awesome!! Thank you Director Scoot!

    thumb Jossy Jones

    review rating 5  I've been working for LanguageOn school for over a year and a half and anytime I cross that door I feel like it's my second home. Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Both students and teachers have fun and learn a great deal from one another - it's such an amazing cross-cultural experience! Come and visit us!

    thumb Maciej Zuchowski

    review rating 5  This institute is fantastic! My teacher was Qao Qao and she taught me mandarin. She not only introduced me to the language but she also inspired me to pursue further studies into Graduate school. She is very knowledgeable and professional. All my classes took place at the Brickell center were every morning I felt welcomed by the incredible staff. I couldn’t recommend this institue enough! You will not regret going here!

    thumb Maximiliano Britez
  • review rating 5  Best school ever, good teachers, friendly staff, good location and best prices in miami.

    thumb Steve Mendez

    review rating 5  It was an unforgettable time in LanguageOn Miami especially not only for experiencing various cultures but for hanging up lovely friends. Thank you so much❤️

    thumb 황인아

    review rating 5  Definitely the best English school in Miami. I’m grateful for every single minute that I spent there. Great teachers, amazing staff. You’ll never get bored. A place to learn more than English, a place to call home. I miss you guys so much! I can’t wait to see everyone again.

    thumb Fernanda Reis
  • review rating 5  I have been studying at this school since I started in the middle of level 2, now I'm in the beginning of level 5. I'm very proud with the fact of how much I improved my English, sometimes I can't believe how powerful and ready I am to do everything That I need to do. The First time I felt realized was when I went to the doctor cause I planned to stop wearing glasses and start to use contacts lenses, believe it or not I did it perfectly without any help, despite the fact the doctor was a native English speaker, this day I felt incredible, with my English!The most important situation I have gone through was when I visited the future school of my son, cause he was going to start in kindergarten. In order to enjoy with other parents with the same intention, we planned a trip to know everything about that school. In the beginning I was worried because we started in a auditorium where the director would explain everything for all of us, and I needed to understand everything about the rules and expectations. One more time the director was a native English speaker too, we listened to her for 40 minutes, when she finished the presentation, I felt very proud for understanding everything she said, for me it was unexpected. After that I'm ready to support all my family in everything they need me, to able to communicate in English.If you have big expectations about learning English, come here and enjoy with us!!!I'm so thankful for this opportunity at language On Brickell.

    thumb gerci marlieri

    review rating 5  I think the best word that describes LANGUAGE ON School is excellence, from the moment that I came to ask for information until my last day I could see it. With an amazing staff LANGUAGE ON provides not only really interactive and high quality classes with well prepared teachers. They truly make you have your best life experience. This was done with extra-activities that makes you do “no-mainstream” stuff. By the way this is one of the greatest things about LANGUAGE ON the mix of nationalities. During my six months there I have met people from over 15 countries, coming from different continents. Regarding to the education, I think it’s important to say how important the teacher that I had there was, the classes are just amazing, all of them are marvelous. I improved my English so much and now I feel so much comfortable with my English speaking, writing and reading,It's really worth it. And I will be forever grateful for this experience so for anyone who`s looking for a good English school in MIAMI I really recommend Language ON schools .

    thumb matou boulid

    review rating 5  Best School in Brickell! Amazing Location, great staff and amazing teachers. Don’t think it twice!!! I studied there for two quaters and I found people that I can call Friends. Also their schedule is convinient for everyone. You won’t regret it 🙂

    thumb Grey Fuentes
  • review rating 5  BEST SCHOOL EVER! Best prices on Brickell and very convenient location! I have been studying in this school for a long time and I learn something new everyday, teachers are very patient and prepared. I have improved my English so much, when I started here I was barely understanding the language but now I speak English fluently! All staff is super helpful, they help you with all your paperwork since the beginning and with every single thing that you need. School Director Scott always keep an eye on everything and he has been the one that has help me the most!. This school is a perfect place to make friends because from staff to students everyone has a very nice and cool vibe. You get to know people and cultures from all over the world. The school does lots of outdoor activities which are super fun (I love their BBQs!).

    thumb Ángela María Moreno

    review rating 5  This is a great school.. the teachers are professional and the staff is very friendly and helpful ..

    thumb Adriana Faillace

    review rating 5  I had the privileged of being a student at Language on for 8 months and l highly recommend it. The school works efficiently since everybody is driven and their teachers are engage to help the students basically with everything that they need. Also the location plays a major role because is situated on Brickell which it is an urban area from Miami.

    thumb eugenia rodriguez
  • review rating 5  Great place to learn English! The teachers are extremely prepared, the facilities are really good, and all the employees are always nice and willing to help! Awesome experience!

    thumb lia aragao

    review rating 5  I studied at Language On School (Brickell) for almost 15 months and I cannot find words to express my gratitude for these intense months of learning and also for the incredible moments they have given to me. Here I found professionals with extreme qualification and very competent. I would like to express my special thanks to Professors Fabiana and Bryan for all direct assistance to my learning progress here. I couldn’t have learned so much without their help. Additionally, to Scott, Richard, Francisca, Isa and Jesus for all support during these time. They are amazing. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn English. .

    thumb Gabriela Simao


Intensive English Course

MiamiMiami BeachOrlando
1 Level (13 Weeks)$2,340$2,340$1,950
2 Levels (26 Weeks)$4,420$4,420$3,575
3 Levels (39 Weeks)$6,240$6,240$5,000
4 Levels (52 Weeks)$8,320$8,320$5,800
Promotion A: 1 Year Academic Program (Paid in Full)$5,100$5,100$4,000
Promotion B: 1 Year Academic Program (Paid in Monthly Installments)$6,200$6,200$4,875

Semi-Intensive English Course

MiamiMiami BeachOrlando
From 1 to 3 weeks$175$175$125
From 4 weeks or more$150$150$100

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