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Accent Reduction

Offered in Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Kendall, Orlando, Boca Raton, Washington DC & West Palm Beach.

Do you speak English, but lack the confidence to speak in public? Is your accent making you uncomfortable when you speak English? Clear English pronunciation is a key to success. Enroll in an Accent Reduction class and start reducing your accent today!

  • Suitable for speakers of intermediate to advanced level fluency
  • Experienced, native and highly trained accent coaches
  • In-person classes at our locations or at your home or office
  • Online classes available
  • Flexible scheduling options
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Private Accent Reduction Classes

Offered in-person at one of our locations.
Also available online, log in from anywhere in the world.

Corporate Accent Reduction Training

Accent reduction training at your company. Offered in a group class or private class format.

Government Accent Reduction

Accent reduction training for all levels of government. Offered in a group class or private class format.



Your accent matters!

Although it may not be fair, the ability to speak English clearly and with a minimal foreign accent is the key to social, academic and professional success for many people living in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

Our expert teachers

Our accent reduction coaches have been extensively trained to use the most effective tools, instructional resources and teaching techniques to help students make permanent, noticeable improvements in their English pronunciation.

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Our Teaching Approach

  • Diagnostic Assessment: Begin with a thorough assessment of the student’s current accent, identifying specific challenges and patterns that contribute to their pronunciation issues.
  • Phonetic Training and Awareness: Incorporate phonetic training to enhance the student’s awareness of English sounds and their articulation.
  • Interactive Pronunciation Exercises: Design engaging and interactive exercises that target specific pronunciation challenges.
  • Contextual Learning: Integrate accent reduction into real-life contexts and emphasize pronunciation in the context of everyday communication to enhance practical application.
  • Continuous Feedback and Practice: Provide regular, constructive feedback and encourage consistent practice through repetition and self-assessment, both in class and as part of homework assignments.

Additional course information

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Packages offered


20 Hours
Introductory Package

Develop awareness of basic English sounds and phonetic principles


  • Focus areas include:
  • Vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Word stress and syllable emphasis.
  • Basic intonation patterns.
  • Activities include:
  • Introduction to phonetic symbols.
  • Pronunciation drills for common sounds.
  • Simple word stress exercises.

50 Hours
Developmental Package

Build on foundational skills, addressing more complex aspects of English pronunciation


  • Focus areas include:
  • More nuanced vowel and consonant distinctions.
  • Sentence and paragraph-level stress patterns.
  • Intonation in questions and statements.
  • Activities include:
  • Conversational role-play.
  • Reading passages with varied stress patterns.
  • Listening exercises for natural intonation.

100 Hours
Advanced Level Package

Refine pronunciation skills and focus on fluency and natural speech patterns


  • Focus areas include:
  • Reduction of speech patterns and linking sounds.
  • Pitch variations and rhythm in speech.
  • Idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.
  • Activities include:
  • Advanced conversation practice.
  • Listening to and mimicking native speakers
  • Analyzing and imitating natural speech patterns in authentic materials.

200 Hours
Mastery Level Package

Achieve near-native fluency and natural-sounding speech as possible


  • Focus areas include:
  • Fine-tuning specific regional or industry-related accents.
  • Developing a personalized and natural speaking style.
  • Enhancing overall communication confidence.
  • Activities include:
  • Advanced role-playing in professional contexts.
  • Tailored exercises based on individual needs and goals.
  • Continuous real-world application and refinement.

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  • Improved Pronunciation Precision
    Speakers will demonstrate enhanced accuracy in the articulation of English sounds leading to clearer and more intelligible speech.
  • Fluent Intonation and Rhythm
    Speakers will develop a natural and fluent intonation and improve overall conversational flow.
  • Effective Reduction of Accent Features
    Speakers will successfully identify and address specific accent features in order to enhance clarity and understanding in communication.
  • Confident Communication in Diverse Contexts
    Speakers will gain confidence in communicating effectively in various settings and will apply learned skills to navigate real-world scenarios with increased poise and clarity.

Why study with us

Personalized Approach

Our accent reduction classes offer a personalized approach, tailoring the curriculum to address your specific pronunciation challenges. Through individualized assessments, our experienced instructors create targeted lessons to enhance your clarity and communication skills.

Real-Life Application

Our classes focus on practical, real-life application, ensuring that the skills you develop are immediately applicable in various contexts. From workplace communication to social interactions, our goal is to help you express yourself confidently and effectively.

Professional and Supportive Instructors

Joining our accent reduction classes means learning from professional and supportive instructors who are dedicated to your success. Receive constructive feedback, engage in interactive exercises, and benefit from a positive and encouraging learning environment that fosters continuous improvement.

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How can I enroll?

Contact a student adviser to get started. We will help you select the best course for you and guide you through the application process.

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