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  • Do you speak fluently, or almost fluently, but still have a non-native accent?
  • Do people continually ask you to repeat yourself?
  • Do people keep asking you where you are from?
  • Have you ever been misunderstood?
  • Do you feel like some people might not trust or believe you because they do not understand you?
  • Are you an entertainer, business person, or public figure and feel that you can’t quite crossover into the North American markets?

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Private Accent Reduction Classes

People change their accents for many reasons. What is yours?

It’s a fact: like it or not, people are judged by the way they speak. This is especially true for fluent non-native speakers of English living in the United States. Research has confirmed that native English speakers have greater expectations for native-like pronunciation when interacting with highly fluent foreigners. Although it may not be fair, the ability to speak English clearly and with a minimal foreign accent is the key to social, academic and professional success for many people living in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

Your English pronunciation matters!
Clear English pronunciation is a key to success

Achieving lasting and reliable accent reduction in English requires the use of specific teaching strategies due to differences in how the brain processes pronunciation and how it processes grammar and vocabulary. Without the right instructional approach and the use of effective accent reduction instructional methodologies, English language learners are unlikely to make significant improvement in their English pronunciation. This is why our English accent reduction experts have been extensively trained to use the most effective tools, instructional resources and teaching techniques to help students make permanent, noticeable improvements in their English pronunciation.

Highly effective teaching strategies
We can help you reach your pronunciation goals
Permanent accent reduction in English

Our English accent reduction courses incorporate the latest advances in applied linguistics to help you make significant improvements to your English pronunciation. We give each accent reduction student special, individualized attention because no two students make the same set of pronunciation errors. This highly customized approach to accent reduction has helped many of our students achieve dramatic improvements in their English pronunciation. Just like our other private language courses, our English accent reduction classes can be taken in our modern language school, at your home or office, or online via Skype for maximum scheduling flexibility and convenience.

The latest teaching methods
Individualized attention
Convenient schedules
Online classes available

Instruction for Private Accent Reduction Classes is provided by Premium Languages, the private tutorial, foreign language, and test preparation partner of Language On. Courses provided by Premium Languages are not accredited by CEA and do not qualify for F-1 (student) visas.

What people say about Language On

  • I have been using Language On's services for two years. My accent and overall English skills are way better now. I would highly recommend Language On to everybody

    Sergey Russia
  • Language On was key to my American Accent development and to my success as an actor. The professionalism I encountered was magnificent. I want to thank the entire team. I highly recommend them.

    Gui Brazil
  • Language On is the best school that I have studied in! Accent reduction classes are very efficient and helped me improve my English accent immensely. I loved the activities, homework, teaching methods, and highly recommend this school to everyone

    Marija Serbia
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