Double your fun while in Miami!

Meet new people and improve your English.

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Join an English course in Miami
and have fun!

You read books, watch movies, maybe you can even write in English …
but can you hold a fluent conversation in English?
Do you feel confident speaking English?
Join an English course in Miami, have fun, meet new people and make friends from around the world.

Can I really enjoy my holiday and
study English at the same time?

Of course you can!
Explore Miami together with the fellow students, tourists, and travellers that you meet in your part time English classes.

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Our semi-intensive classes are dynamic, creative, and useful and also part time so
you can have Friday Free to enjoy Miami with your new friends.
Have a memorable and fulfilling experience!

It’s time to start speaking English!

We will give you the English skills that you need to travel, make new friends,
and to feel more comfortable at your job when you go back home.
It’s time to start speaking English!

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studying English with Language On in Miami!

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Meet other people like you in Miami!

The Language On experience doesn’t stop in the classroom – studying English at Language On offers you a great social life too!

Cómo llegar al Centro Comercial Sawgrass Mills desde Miami Beach
Pool Party
Picnics & Barbecue

What people say about Language On Schools

  • Language On is the most amazing school. Success is guaranteed with professional teachers and very high-quality lessons. An accent class is also extremely useful! I really hit the nail on the head when I chose this school!

    Ludovica Italy
  • During the period that I studied at Language On my English level increased noticeably.The teachers are always focused on their students success and goals, always striving for something extra!

    Mila Russia
  • I encourage all of my friends to join Language On. Their exceptional teachers helped me to soften my strong Argentinean accent. Their methods are fun, easy to follow, and it never felt like an obligation for me to attend his classes

    Nico Argentina
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