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Future Simple: Be Going To

Future Simple: Be going to. The future simple is also known as the simple future. Learn how to use be going to in the simple future. It is very important to learn the correct forms of the simple future with the different forms of be going to.

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Simple Future: Be Going To

Simple Future Key Words

Below are some of the key words which may be used with the be going to form of the simple future:





This….(afternoon, week, month, etc.)

Next… (week, year, month, etc.)

We can use the simple future with any future time.

Simple Future Form

I + AM + GOING TO + V1

He/She/It + IS + GOING TO + V1                              

You/We/They + ARE + GOING TO + V1

I refer to the base form of a verb as V1. For example:

V1       V2      V3

eat  /  ate  / eaten

live  /  liked / liked

Simple Future Uses

1. Future Plan

I am not going to go to the beach after class. I am going to go to the gym.

Tomorrow he is going to visit Orlando.

We are going to eat sushi tonight.

She is going to graduate University next year.

2. Future Prediction

My son is going to be the President someday.

She is going to come late tomorrow because she is going to go to a party tonight.

I don’t think it is going to snow next winter.

I am not going to win the lottery anytime soon.

*** Both “will” and “be going to” can be used to talk about future predictions and have the same meaning.

Download this lesson to use for homework or in your English class.

Free English Lesson PDF Download

Simple Future: Be Going To
Exercises and Practice

A: Future Simple: be going to. Complete the sentences/questions below with the correct form of be going to and the verb in parentheses.   

1. ____ you _______________ (see) a film tonight?

2. I think  ___________________  (go) to Vanessa’s party tonight.

3. They ______________________ (are) at that new restaurant on Saturday.

4. It is very sunny, it ________________ (not rain) today.

5. _____ he ______________  (talk) to the new girl at lunch?

B. You are going to visit Miami next summer. Write an email to your friend telling him about what you are going to do on your future trip.  Use the future simple with be going to where appropriate.

Download this lesson to use for homework or in your English class.

Free English Lesson PDF Download

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