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Present Continuous

Present ContinuousNow that you know how to use the present simple, it’s time to learn how to use the present continuous in English. The present continuous is also known as the present progressive.

We use the present continuous to speak about actions that are happening “now”, at the present time, or that will happen in the near future.

Signal Words

Some words to pay attention to which may indicate the use of the present continuous are:        

Now                (I am reading now.)

At the moment        (I am living in Miami at the moment.)

Today                (I am studying English today.)

Present Continuous Form

Here is the form for the present continuous. Remember that I use “V1” to mean the verb in the present tense.  Click here to download a list of common regular verbs in English.


I AM + V1 + ING

He/She/It + IS + V1 + ING

You/We/They + ARE + V1 + ING

Present Continuous Use

There are two main uses for the present continuous.

1. To show an action that is happening “now”


She is drinking coffee now.
I am learning English this year.
This week we are studying English verb tenses.

2. To show an action in the near future


I am going to the beach today.
My sister is coming to Miami this weekend.
They are meeting at 10:00 this evening.It’s that easy! If you follow these rules, then you can’t go wrong. Would you like me to prepare an English lesson for you? Let me know what your question is and I will prepare a free lesson to answer it for you.

You can also download a free pdf copy of this English lessonand present continuous exercises.

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