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Phrasal Verbs: Put

Phrasal Verbs: Put. Learn some of the most common English phrasal verbs with put. There are thousands of phrasal verbs in English and learning phrasal verbs will help you improve your English.

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Phrasal Verbs: Put

Put away

to return to storage

After drying the dishes, Jane put them away.

Put back

to return to a place or storage

After drying the dishes, Sarah put them back in the cupboard.

Put down

to place on a surface

He put down his bags to shake my hand.

to insult

I stopped talking to Philip because he put down the Miami Heat.

Put off (by)

to be disgusted

Sue was put off by all the smoke, so she left the bar.  It put her off.

to postpone

Robert put off his homework until Sunday night.

Put on

to dress in, to don

It was raining, so Stacy put a jacket on.

to perform

The team won after putting on a great show for their fans.

Put out

to extinguish

Elena put her cigarette out before walking back to class.

to release

LANGUAGE ON English Schools put out its latest free English lesson last week.

Put in

to add to, to contribute

He put in a lot of work to make his presentation the best.

Put (somebody) through

to make somebody endure (something)

What a terrible teenager! He is putting his parents through a lot.

to transfer (used on the telephone)

Hello. Could you put me through to the service department, please?

Put up

to accommodate

When I visited my cousins, they put me up in the guest room.

to construct, to assemble

They are putting a stage up on the beach for the music festival.

Put up with

*to tolerate

Tom has to put up with Tina’s snoring every night. How does he do it?

The phrasal verbs with an asterisk (*) are INSEPARABLE.

When the direct object is a PRONOUN, it must be placed in the middle of a two-word phrasal verb. Example: Jane put them away. NOT: Jane put away them.

Phrasal Verbs: Put
Exercises and Practice

A. Fill in the blank with the preposition(s) that make the most sense:

The police put __________ the criminal for a long, long time.

I feel bad, but I can’t put ___________ my sister.

When you’re finished with the non-dairy creamer, please put it _______ in the fridge.

Since moving to Miami, I’m always putting my friends ______ in my small apartment.

Sarah is sobbing because she had to put ________ her Siamese cat.

Big law firms put young lawyers ________ a lot, but they pay well.

Don’t be put ________ by his loud voice; he’s nearly deaf.

Let’s get a pizza, I’ll put ____ $5.

Put ______ your new heels, we’re going to LIV!

You can’t put ______ a fire with gasoline.

B. Complete the sentences using the best phrasal verb in the correct form.

1. My nephew’s class __________________________________ a fantastic Christmas play last year.

2. If everyone __________________________________ $20, we can throw a great party next week.

3. Most people __________________________________ doing the things that they don’t want to do for another day.

4. My neighbor is so loud. I am having a hard time __________________________________ with all of the noise that he makes.

5. I don’t like that guy. He always __________________________________ everybody else down.

6. Let’s __________________________________ the meeting until we have everything prepared.

Download this FREE English lesson with exercises!
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