Phrasal Verbs: Drop

Phrasal Verbs: Drop. Learn phrasal verbs with drop. Learning English phrasal verbs is important for all students of the English language. Improve your reading and listening comprehension by studying these common phrasal verbs with drop.

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Phrasal verbs with drop

Learn common English phrasal verbs with drop!

Drop back

*to move down a position

My favorite horse dropped back into fourth place and lost the race.

Drop in/by

*to visit somebody or something

Let’s drop in on Grandma before we go to the beach.

Drop off

to leave by car/bus/boat

Larry always drops me off at the airport when I fly back to Miami.

*to slow down

The number of tourists drops off in May.

Drop out

*to quit school or a club

Steve Jobs dropped out of college to start a computer company.

Important: The phrasal verbs with an asterisk (*) are inseparableWhen the direct object is a pronoun, it must be placed in the middle of a two-word phrasal verb. Example: Larry picked her up. NOT: Larry picked up her.


These are just a few common phrasal verbs with drop.  Feel free to add some more by commenting in the section below.  Follow this link to learn more common phrasal verbs in English.

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