Language On understands that due to COVID-19, new students may be unsure of which language school and English program will best meet their learning needs and personal situation. At Language On Schools, we are offering new students exciting options to ensure that they can select their program with 100% confidence. Language On guarantees that no student will lose any tuition or fees they have paid for reasons beyond their control.

  • Language On is fully open for business at all four of our Florida campus locations (Aventura, Brickell/Downtown Miami, Miami Beach and Orlando)
  • We are accepting new students as well as students who wish to transfer from another institution
  • Classes are currently taking place both online and in our schools for all levels
  • New students who do not need an F-1 (student) visa can choose between online and in-person instruction
  • New students who need an F-1 (student) visa are encouraged to apply, as we are providing 100% in-person instruction for all new F-1 students, as required by current U.S. immigration rules
  • All Language On administrators and student advisors are working in our schools and are waiting to answer your questions or help you enroll
  • Whether you wish to enroll as a new F-1 student from abroad, study with us as a tourist, transfer from another language school or change your status to F-1 to study in our intensive English program, Language On has a course to fit your needs that fully meets all current U.S. immigration rules

If you have any questions or need immediate answers, please don’t hesitate to contact using the form below, on Whatsapp at +1 (305) 417-3615 or by sending an email to [email protected].

We wish you and your loved ones health and safety during these challenging times. Language On wants to assure all our current and future students that you will be able to continue your language study plans without interruption. At Language On, we care about our students and are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that they meet their language learning goals in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

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