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Learn some English Soccer / Football idioms for the 2014 World Cup

Who are you rooting for?

No matter whether you are studying English in Miami or relaxing with a Caipirinha on the white sand of Copacabana, we are sure that you have soccer fever… Yes, I am writing this from Miami, so I call it soccer, not football.

Today, we are going to teach you some English soccer idioms.  Try to use them when you speak English, it can’t hurt!

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To watch from the sidelines

Francesco hadn’t done his English homework so he had to look on from the sidelines while the rest of the class went over the answers. He is really having too much fun in Miami. He needs to stay in more.  (to observe, without being directly involved)

To be on the ball

Wow, Fabiana is really on the ball. She studied really hard and got a great score on the TOEFL. I am sure she will get accepted into the university of Miami with that TOEFL score. (to be very focused, diligent, and aware)

To be out of your league

I don’t think she is out of your league. Go ahead and ask her out, you never know what she might say. Tell her that you will take her to dinner in Brickell. She loves that area of Miami. (to be a “class” or “category” above, seemingly unattainable)

A game changer

Learning English will really be a game changer in my career. I hope that when I can speak English better my company will promote me. I  have learned so much English since I came to Miami. (an event or happening that can have a significant effect on something or someone)

At this stage in the game

At this stage in the game the only thing that I really need to do is practice English more. I have studied all of the English grammar rules. I just need to speak more. Do you know where I can practice English in Miami? (at a late stage in a procedure, process, or project)

That’s all for today ladies and gentlemen. Now get out and there and try to use some of these idioms in English conversation. Make sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter with tips about English and Accent Reduction!

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