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Run, Bike, Stretch…and Study!

Experience Miami Like a Local

Are you new to Miami or just visiting? Better yet, are you a student studying English at LANGUAGE ON? Well, Miami has a lot of fun inexpensive activities to do, while seeing the city. So, read on to find out how you can spend some free time in Miami.


One of my favorite activities is running. It’s a great way to clear your mind and an awesome full body workout as well . Every Thursday, Miami beach locals (adding up to about 100 people) meet at the end of Lincoln road and Washington Avenue to stride along the beach and watch the waves roll in. They call it “Miami Run Club”. In total the run is more or less 3.5 miles,  about 5 kilometers. (FREE)

After you’ve made some friends along the way, head to a restaurant with some of your fellow runners for a quick bite, a drink, and some English conversation practice.


Activities for Vacation English Students in English Schools in Miami

Miami DecoBike is another great way to see the city. DecoBike is a quick and easy way to hop on and off at different locations and see the city. DecoBike even has an application for smartphones that you can download to better assist you with the layout of the city. It’s reasonably priced too.

If that isn’t’ enough biking for you, join Critical Mass at the end of every month for a group biking experience . All you need is a bike and some friends, or just go alone. Be warned, it’s about 12-18 miles of riding. (FREE)


Fun and free activities on Miami Beach

Next up: How about some stretching? Or what zen people like to call ‘Yoga.’ Here in Miami, we have plenty of free yoga!

Now picture this, it’s 6:00 pm on a Friday. You’ve had a long week of study or work and you’re feeling wound up. Or, maybe you’ve just had a four hour English lesson. You can check out your fridge to see what you can eat as a leftover snack or pop open a crisp cold beverage. But, don’t pop it open just yet, cause then you’ll be a couch potato and for the rest of the night you’ll hate yourself for not having done anything productive. So why not opt for a free yoga session on South Beach, right at sunset to boot. Let the thought of smelling the sea salt and feeling a fresh breeze win you over! Shut the fridge, grab your bag and yoga mat, and head out the door. Taking advantage of our location and ending your week with a hint of sea salt while doing the upward facing dog is one of the biggest perks of studying English and living in Miami Beach.  (FREE)

Well that’s all for today folks! Remember: Run, Bike, Stretch…and Study!

Author:  Stacy Potash

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