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Top Things To Do in Utah in 2024

The state of Utah is one of the most rapidly growing and developing states in the USA. People from all over the world are attracted to Utah and the American west because it offers something for every interest. The spectacular growth and development of the state has been balanced with a deep concern for its unique natural environment. Within Utah you’ll find sophisticated urban centers and quaint small towns within close proximity of inspiring, unspoiled ecosystems. This mix of environments makes Utah and Salt Lake City a great choice for your English studies.

Here are some of the top things you can do in the amazing state of Utah:

1:  Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Utah’s National Parks

Utah is home to 5 of the best national parks—Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion—collectively known as the Mighty Five. Each park has its own unique character.

While all of Utah is noted for spectacularly surreal rock formations, some of the most interesting can be found in the Capitol Reef National Park.   The Native American petroglyphs here are among the most interesting of the many to be discovered in Utah. The Fremont and Ancestral Puebloan people lived in this area between 600-1300 A.D., and created these pictures in stone to  tell their stories.

Zion National Park, set in a deep canyon of red rock, was Utah’s first national park. The landscape includes greenery that gives the park the feeling of a desert oasis.

Arches National Park takes its name from the more than 2000 sandstone arch formations that can be seen there. In addition, there are numerous other fantastic rock shapes and forms in this park. Canyonlands National Park is formed by the currents and tributaries of Utah’s Green and Colorado rivers, so it’s a natural place for rafting adventures. You’ll find both intense whitewater rapids and calmer areas for rafting in this park.

Bryce Canyon National Park is noted for its particular type of rock formation, called the “hoodoo”. As it’s an international dark sky park, stargazing is another popular activity here.

Be sure to visit the official website  for these parks so you know the entry requirements and other essential information before going.

2:  Enjoy a variety of world-class cultural experiences

Music lovers can enjoy a surprising range of musical styles at festivals throughout the state.  Both local and international performers are featured at these 5 music festivals in Utah. The Moab Music Festival is noted for integrating chamber music, jazz and Latin musical performances with the area’s unique landscape. You can even take a guided musical raft trip with floating concerts.The internationally famous Sundance Film Festival  is a popular event to visit when in Utah. The films are shown at theaters in both Park City and Salt Lake City.  Park City is worth a visit even outside of film festival time for its quaint architecture, restaurants, and sports facilities that were part of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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More than 50 Native American tribal nations have a presence in Utah. They continue to preserve their cultures at tribal institutions and events throughout the state. These colorful events showcase their unique visual, performance, and culinary arts. You’ll expand your cultural horizons and better understand American history when you visit these cultural centers while in Utah. Heritage Park is a state park that offers interactive exhibits and demonstrations of Native American and other important heritage cultures in Utah. Located in Salt Lake City, the park also offers horseback trail rides for a unique view of the city.

When you visit Salt Lake City, you’ll enjoy a fantastic restaurant culture. You’ll find any kind of food you seek, including many ethnic cuisines. There are also a surprising number of microbreweries in the city and other places in the state.

3: Discover Utah’s hidden gems

One of the lesser known gems of Utah that is worth exploring is the town of St. George. The town is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is noted for several unusual golf courses placed in the spectacular desert environment. This area is also famous for its many fine restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

Sand Hollow State Park is another lesser known Utah  gem. Set on a reservoir, the unique features here are the red sand beaches. You can enjoy swimming during the months of May through September, when the water is warmer. Boating and other activities are also popular.

4: Nature’s marvels beyond expectations

Utah is noted for having many  internationally certified dark sky parks and places. These are natural environments free of light pollution so that the beauty of the night time sky is revealed in all its glory. In these special places, you’ll find the interplay of unique land formations and the star-filled sky creates a genuinely spectacular experience like no other. Antelope Island, located 25 miles north of Salt Lake City, is one of the most popular dark sky parks. The island sits in the Great Salt Lake and is accessible by a causeway. Here you can also enjoy watching the bison herd and antelopes, as well as the unique experience of swimming in the Great Salt Lake. Other wildlife that can be seen here include various species of migratory birds.

5: Find adventure and relaxation in Utah’s fantastic sport culture

Utah offers fantastic recreation opportunities for everyone!

Skiers will find a wide variety of options for any skill level and style, with many ski facilities catering to all skill levels, from beginners who are just developing their skills to experienced skiers who are looking for a challenge. There are also many well-maintained trails for cross country skiing. Some resorts also offer the possibility of going for a night-time ski.   If you’re looking for a really unusual snow sport, consider trying  kite skiing, also known as kiteboarding (kite snowboarding) or snowkiting. This is a combination of snow skis or boards with paragliding-like sails.  Wherever you are in Utah, you’re sure to find a place for skiing within easy distance, as there are 10 ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake City International Airport.

One of the top things to do in Utah is to go hiking. Utah is a hiker’s paradise! You can choose from shorter, easier trails or longer trails requiring more endurance. In any case, you’re unlikely to find them over-crowded. There is a culture of respect for the natural environment, so you’ll enjoy pristine views and unspoiled environments. One popular hiking activity is to view the many ancient rock drawings and carvings found throughout Utah.

Boating and fishing enthusiasts will find much to enjoy at Lake Powell, located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in the southern part of the state. Many species of fish, including smallmouth bass, striped bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, black crappie, walleye, channel catfish, bullhead catfish and northern pike are found here. Bear Lake State Park, in northern Utah near the Idaho border, is another great choice for water activities.  Waterskiing, skiboarding, and sail boating are popular here. It’s also an ideal place for anglers.

6: Thrill to the excitement of world class professional sporting events (including soccer)

If you’re looking for something exciting to do in Salt Lake City, you’ll find professional sports teams that offer thrilling  competitions.  The most well-known is the Utah Jazz, the area’s professional basketball team. There is also a professional hockey team, the Utah Grizzlies.  Soccer fans can also enjoy their favorite sport, as the Salt Lake City area is home to three professional soccer teams, the Utah Royals (women’s), the Real Salt Lake (men’s), and the Real Monarchs (second division).

Utah and Salt Lake City offer a diverse selection of unique experiences to visitors from anywhere 

Whether you prefer a city vibe, a relaxing encounter with spectacular natural settings, or energetic outdoor activities, you’re sure to find great things to do in Utah. With so many places to visit in Utah you can have the perfect balance between study and fun when you take an English course there.

Salt Lake City is a great place to study English!

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As Salt Lake City has grown, it’s become more diverse, so visitors and students  from anywhere will feel welcome.  However, most of the people you’ll encounter in your everyday activities will be native speakers of English, so you’ll have many opportunities to practice your English.

Salt Lake City is an ideal place to enroll in a course to improve your English language skillsLanguage On’s Salt Lake City school is conveniently located with easy access to the downtown area by public transportation, so you can enjoy all the great things to do in Salt Lake City. Both intensive English and semi-intensive English courses are offered for students of different levels.  Classes are conveniently scheduled so  you’ll have  plenty of time to take side trips to  experience all the great things to do in Utah.

We look forward to welcoming you to Salt Lake City for your English learning adventure!

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