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Studying English in Salt Lake City: All You Need to Know!

In recent years, Salt Lake City has been rapidly growing in popularity. This popularity can be attributed to the easy access to the mountains, a bustling downtown, and a variety of shopping districts to visit. In Salt Lake City you can find a restaurant for any type of cuisine, outdoor and indoor activities, and a great public transportation system to get you from place to place. On top of offering plenty of things to do, Salt Lake City is one of the safer cities in the United States. This makes Salt Lake City the perfect place to study English!

Study English in Salt Lake City with LANGUAGE ON

LANGUAGE ON is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and only a 5 minute walk away from the train station and multiple bus stops. Free parking is also available to students who drive

At the school, you’ll find comfortable classrooms where you can take classes for any skill level, as well as TOEFL prep and pronunciation classes. These lessons are offered for F-1 visa students as well as tourist students and can be taken in the mornings or the evenings. You can find more information about classes here.

Classes at LANGUAGE ON

The school not only offers English classes but an opportunity to make friends from across the globe. Students ranging from Madagascar to Colombia to Ukraine have come to take classes with us at LANGUAGE ON Salt Lake City, and to meet others who are learning English just like them.

You will be able to meet during class, but you will also be able to get to know one another during one of our field trips. LANGUAGE ON takes two field trips per semester, and we go to places such as Clark’s Planetarium, or the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are feeling nervous about exploring Salt Lake City on your own, don’t worry, because we will be able to show you around during one of our exciting field trips!

Field Trips at LANGUAGE ON Salt Lake City

Cost of Living in Salt Lake City

If you’ve decided to study at LANGUAGE ON, you will need to know how much it costs to live in Salt Lake City. First you should choose which area of Salt Lake City you would like to stay in. If you prefer to be closer to the school, the Avenues are perfect for you. If you prefer to live closer to the mountains, then Millcreek is the better bet. If you love to shop, Sugarhouse is the right place to be, and, finally, if you prefer the suburbs, a place like Holladay or Murray would work out great.

The Avenues – The Avenues are situated at the bottom of the northern foothills. This neighborhood is perfect for those who want easy access to downtown Salt Lake City. Apartments here can range from 950 USD to 3,200 USD

Millcreek – Millcreek provides great views and close access to the Wasatch mountains for people who prefer outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Apartments here can range from 1,020 USD to 2,500 USD.

Sugarhouse – This neighborhood is well known for its cute shopping districts and beautiful parks. It’s great for those who like to be close to the city, but still live in a quiet neighborhood. Apartments here can cost from 1,200 USD to 2,500 USD.

Murray/Holladay – Murray and Holladay are both farther from the LANGUAGE ON school, but they offer family friendly neighborhoods and access to the train station for easy traveling to downtown. Apartments in this neighborhood can range from 1,020 USD to 2,800 USD.

Supermarkets in Salt Lake City

You will need to know where to shop, and there are many options to choose from. Many grocery stores in the Salt Lake valley are chain stores so you can find at least one for each neighborhood. It will be very easy to find the right one for you!

Smith’s Food and Drug – You can find Smith’s in any neighborhood, from downtown Salt Lake City to Murray. These stores offer your basics like a variety of vegetables, fruits, breads, and snacks. Prices at these stores are quite average and they give out many coupons and discounts.

Harmon’s – Harmon’s can be found in downtown Salt Lake City and Holladay. This store offers high quality food, handmade artisan bread, and gelato! While this store can be quite pricey, what you buy is worth every penny.

Whole Foods – This store is great for any vegetarian or vegan as it provides tons of delicious food options. Here you will be able to get specialty vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free food, as well as organic soaps and cleaning items.

Rancho Market – Rancho Market is a Utah born grocery store. You can buy affordable fresh veggies and fruit here. You can also visit a tortilleria at these stores!

Chinatown Supermarket – This grocery store will offer products that you can’t find at any other store in the valley. Here, you will be able to purchase a variety of unique foods from all across Asia. If you shop here, you may end up trying something that you have never tried before!

Getting Around in Salt Lake City

It’s easy to get around in Salt Lake City. The public transit system lets you choose between a dependable bus system or the train system, Trax. These can transport you just up the street or to another city entirely. There is even a ski bus that will take you up to Brighton or Park City in the winter for skiing and other winter activities. All of these options are relatively cheap and easy to use. You can find more information about the Utah public transit system here.

We’re Looking Forward to Seeing you!

Salt Lake City is a gorgeous and friendly place, perfect for anybody looking to study English in the United States. LANGUAGE ON will provide you with fun and exciting new experiences, as well as great English lessons to complete your experience while you’re here. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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