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Study for SIELE and DELE in Miami

Study for SIELE and DELE in Miami. Now you can take SIELE and DELE Preparation classes in Miami. Do you need to take a Spanish as a foreign language test? Keep reading to find out more about our SIELE and DELE preparation course in Miami and Miami Beach.

Why do I need SIELE or DELE classes in Miami?

The demand for Spanish as a Foreign Language has been on the rise in recent years, especially in Miami. Many companies in Miami look for people who can speak English and Spanish fluently. Usually these companies request proof that shows how well you can speak, write and understand a second language. DELE and SIELE are two of the most recognized proficiency tests for Spanish as a Foreign Language.

What is DELE?

DELE, Diplomas de Español como  lengua extranjera (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language), was created in Spain by Instituto de Cervantes  and has been applied since 1989 in over 900 authorized centers. DELE is a series of tests that certify the level of competence and mastery of the Spanish language of a person. DELE is divided by levels which go from A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). DELE is taken in two parts, one that evaluates the student’s reading and writing skills and another that evaluates the student’s listening and speaking skills. There are over 900 authorized centers in the world.

What is SIELE?

SIELE, Servicio internacional de evaluación del español como lengua extranjera (Spanish as a Foreign Language International Evaluation Service), was created by Instituto Cervantes, but it is also sponsored by Universidad Abierta de Mexico and Universidad de Salamanca. SIELE started to be officially applied since early 2016 and  consists of four tests, which evaluate how well  students understand Spanish while listening to audios and reading texts in Spanish  and how well a student can produce the language when writing or speaking in Spanish. SIELE only evaluates the student’s proficiency level for five levels, A1-C1. These four tests can be taken the same day or at different times. Since the SIELE test has been applied for a short time the number of authorized centers are limited.

What is the difference between DELE and SIELE?

Although both evaluate listening, speaking, reading and writing and can only be taken at authorized centers, there are some differences. First, to take the DELE examinations students have to select the level for the tests, in other words you can choose to take a test for beginners or a test for advanced learners, while SIELE is the same test for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Another difference is the type of tests. DELE is a paper-based test and SIELE is an online test. The time for results delivery is different as well. Unlike the SIELE results which can take up to three weeks to be delivered, DELE results take around three months. The certification is also different. DELE diploma only shows If you are competent at the level the student chose and SIELE shows the level of competence student has. The expiration of the certificates is also different, DELE never expires and SIELE expires after two years. If you want to test your mastery level of the Spanish from Spain, DELE is the test for you. SIELE, provides a wider range of Spanish accents since it includes audios featuring people from different Spanish speaking countries.

Should I take SIELE or DELE classes in Miami?

If you need help getting ready for the test, Miami is your best choice. In Miami, there are lots of people who speak Spanish as a first or second language, which can be helpful since you are exposed to the language not only in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom giving you more practice. This exposure to Spanish can help you improve your comprehension, vocabulary and speaking skills by simply talking to people at the stores . You will find communicating with people in Spanish a great idea to be more fluent because the necessity to communicate will help you put in practice the language to interact with Spanish speakers in a more spontaneous way which would the perfect complement to the preparation course you will receive in our classroom.

What will I learn in my SIELE and DELE preparation course in Miami?

DELE and SIELE examinations are proficiency tests. They evaluate how much a person understands when reading a text or listening to an audio, and also, how well the person  can produce the language when speaking or writing. During the preparation course, the student will learn not only valuable information about each test, such as the length of the tests, how many parts each test  has, but also will have the opportunity to improve the possibilities of getting a better score by learning different strategies that will help be better prepared and feel more confident when taking either DIELE or SIELE. During the preparation course the student receives detailed instruction related to each part of the tests like what to look for or expect when reading a text or listening to an audio, how to improve your writing by working on your language accuracy and coherence, improve your pronunciation and fluency by practicing speaking about different topics for a specific amount of time, similar to what a student has to do at the moment of taking the speaking assessment part of the test. Definitely, the more knowledge about the tests the higher the chances of getting a better score. We can help you feel more confident and better prepared when you take the preparation course with us.

Do I qualify to take the SIELE or DELE?

In the case of SIELE, the test is only applied to adults. DELE, on the other hand, can be taken by adults, children and teenagers. However, the DELE tests for children and teenagers are different from the ones applied to adults and only covers competences from A1 to B2 levels.

If your are considering taking one of these tests, we want you to know that having some previous preparation will help you achieve better results. We would like to be part your journey to your personal and professional growth by helping you improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in Spanish. Don’t hesitate. Nosotros también hablamos espanol.

Where can I study for SIELE and DELE in Miami?

Miami is the best place to prepare for either the DELE examinations or the SIELE. We have two strategic locations in Miami. We have one school in Miami on Brickell Avenue and another one in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road. The two branches are conveniently located and provide students easy access to public transportation, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. If you can’t make it to one of our brick and mortar locations, you can study with a Spanish teacher on Skype!

* Instruction for Foreign Language Lessons is provided by Premium Languages, the private tutorial, foreign language, and test preparation partner of LANGUAGE ON English Schools. Courses provided by Premium Languages are not accredited by CEA and do not qualify for F-1 (student) visas.

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