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Take Private English Classes To Build Your Confidence

Private English classes are one of the most powerful ways to become confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Studying with a private tutor offers a flexible approach to improving English skills and classes can be customized for each student’s individual level and special circumstances. Students who work with private tutors have unique opportunities to learn more efficiently with a curriculum dedicated to their personal needs. Let’s look at how a private English course can power up your English confidence!

The importance of confidence in language learning

Projecting a feeling of confidence is important when communicating in any language. An international group of university experts reviewed studies on communication and found that the confident speaker enjoys many advantages.  Foremost, the confident speaker will stand out from others competing for our attention. The constant bombardment of information we are subjected to requires us to carefully choose where we will direct our attention. When listeners perceive that the speaker is more confident, they will pay more attention to them, even if it requires additional effort. Confidence greatly improves the chances of us being heard through the overload of sounds and images directed at us in today’s society. The same academic group also discovered that confidence positively affects the listener’s perception of the speaker’s overall intelligence, expertise, knowledge, and credibility. A high degree of confidence will therefore greatly increase the chance that a persuasive appeal will successfully influence attitudes and behavior. 

Boosting confidence through Private English Classes

Private English classes will accelerate your English confidence in several ways. You’ll have the opportunity for longer, more meaningful one-on-one conversations.  Many learners find they can speak more freely and less self-consciously with a private tutor than in front of a group class. This allows for a gradual increase in confidence, so they are less inhibited when they need to speak to a group.

The give-and-take of conversations with your private tutor will also help you achieve a natural rate and flow of speaking. Several studies have demonstrated that a person who talks faster, but with a natural flow, will be perceived as more confident by their audience. Private teachers will work with the student to gradually eliminate the hesitations and pauses that can undermine confidence.

Another advantage of private tutoring is the instant feedback you’ll get from your private English teacher. Immediate correction of mistakes is almost always more effective than later correction, but some learners find it intimidating when there are others listening. The private nature of individual classes makes this instant correction more comfortable than in a group setting. You’ll learn new material quicker and more efficiently because of the direct feedback in a private English class.  

Learning through private english classes

Tailored curriculum for every student

At our school, experienced private English tutors create personalized lesson plans for each student. They evaluate each individual’s current level and design a program of study that will put them on the path to real confidence in English communication. Depending on the individual student’s wants and needs, our expert English tutors can work with the student on these areas:

  • Help the student fill in gaps from previous studies. In other words, work on concepts or aspects of English that were not acquired in earlier classes. 
  • Review concepts that have been forgotten over time. This makes private English lessons ideal for the student who hasn’t needed to use their English skills in daily life. Students who haven’t had formal instruction for a while will also find that private classes serve as amazing memory refreshers.
  • Present specialized vocabulary the student may need to communicate effectively in their day to day life. Professionals often find that private English tutoring is the best choice because their instruction can be customized for their specific industry.
  • Provide vocabulary that will help the student enjoy their favorite recreational activities or hobbies more when communicating with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Guide the student in overcoming pronunciation problems. The private English teacher can intensely work to correct particular sounds the student finds difficult. A private accent reduction class is a great option for those who want to improve their spoken English for professional or personal communication.
  • Provide students with guidance in preparing various types of written communication, such as  presentations, forms, emails, etc., using idiomatic and natural sounding English with the expected degree of formality.
  • Help the student to communicate effectively in practical situations that they may face. The student can better manage such situations as ordering food or renting an apartment when they have a private tutor to provide the correct vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for these events.
  • Teach the student effective communication strategies for unexpected or urgent problems requiring English when they arise. Examples include managing household repairs, health concerns, pets, etc.
Learning new vocabulary in private English classes

Adapting to each learner’s needs

Individual students respond differently to various methods. Educational psychologists have identified various “learning styles.” While the number of these styles vary, the most commonly recognized are: 

  • A visual learner makes the most progress when the classes use pictures, photos and videos.
  • An auditory learner acquires new knowledge best through hearing.
  • A kinesthetic learner prefers to include some kind of movement in the learning process.
  • A reading-writing learner will retain the material better when it is presented through reading and writing.

In your private English classes, your tutors will provide you with the best type of materials to match your learning style. They select from a broad range of real-world media in English, such as movies, films and videos to match each individual’s personal interests. For those who prefer a more traditional academic approach to learning, a selection of top-quality textbooks and exercises is available. As most people’s personal learning style is a mix of the four styles, the flexibility of private English classes allows for truly customized instruction. Our private English teachers are continuously participating in professional development activities so they can provide the most up-to-date learning materials. 

Improved communication skills and beyond

The flexibility and individual attention you’ll receive during your private English classes means that you can learn personalized vocabulary you can use to better express your wants and needs. This is a great advantage in many areas of life. Personal relationships can be more fulfilling and honest when you can sincerely communicate your feelings using exactly the right words. In business and professional environments, communicating confidently using accurate vocabulary will avoid misunderstandings and get quicker results. 

Many students find that building confidence in their English skills positively affects other areas of their lives. Abilities developed when studying English, such as increased focus and concentration, can bring rewards in other academic areas, and even improve athletic performance. Students feel more secure in meeting other challenges in life because of the success they have been able to achieve in their individual English classes. LANGUAGE ON schools are great places to enjoy the benefits of customized tutoring in a professional and supportive environment. Contact our friendly advisors soon to discuss how you can enjoy personalized private English classes designed just for you!

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