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Amigos sentados mirando libros y revistas

Learning English As A Second Language

Are you interested in learning English as a second language? Chances are, you have been studying English for quite some time already. Don’t give up! >

Las mejores actividades para hacer en Miami

The best things to do in Miami

There are thousands of things to do in Miami. Between all of the attractions, beaches, and dining options, Miami truly has something for everyone.  Having so many choices is great […]

Clarity in Communication

“Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?”… “Who, me?” … “Yes, you!”… “Couldn’t be!”… “Then who?”… etc. Wondering why I used that to open the article? Just to try […]

Irregular Families

Hey, Eric here.  I hope you have enjoyed my recent article, How to Speak English Perfectly. Today, I would like to address Irregular Families. We aren’t talking about my weird Uncle […]

what to do in Miami and Miami Beach

Hello Friends!

Check out what our B2 (Upper Intermediate Class) wrote as an in-class project. Last Friday, one class worked hard to write an email with recommendations for places to go and […]

English classes in South Beach

English Classes in South Beach

Enroll in English classes in South Beach and have fun both in and out of your English class! My name is Eric, originally from Chicago, I came to South Florida for […]

English Classes in Brickell

English Classes in Brickell

Join LANGUAGE ON’s small group English classes in Brickell and begin improving your English today! LANGUAGE ON recently opened it’s second English school on Brickell Avenue in Miami and hosts […]