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Ring in the New Year with some English idioms

Happy New Year to all of our students, friends, alumni, and families!

We hope this year brings you everything you need and more. Below are some useful idioms to use when making your plans for the new year.

No pain, no gain: Waking up each morning to do my English homework is not easy, but no pain no gain! I really need English for my job. (To achieve a goal it is necessary to work hard.)

Turn over a new leaf: I promise I won’t keep leaving dirty dishes in the sink. I am going to turn over a new leaf. (To make a positive change)

Start from scratch: Next year I am going to open my own business. I am starting from scratch, but I am sure it will be a success. (To start or begin with nothing)

A change of pace: The Moscow traffic is driving me crazy. I am going to move to Miami and take an English course. I need a change of pace. (To try something new)

If it *ain’t broke, don’t fix it: I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions. My life has been perfect since I moved to Miami. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I say. (To leave things the same) *This idiom is used with the slang word ain’t.

To make headway: Stefan’s American accent is really improving. He is making excellent headway. (To make progress, to improve)

We hope to see you in Miami next year!

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