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Mini English Lesson: Baseball & Dating

Learn some baseball idioms to use when speaking about dating and relationships in general. Who knows? They might come in handy during your time in Miami.

All of the idioms below are terms used in the great American pastime of baseball. We also can use them in the ways described below.

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First base in baseball is the first position (or base) that the player runs to after they hit the ball. First base in dating refers to holding hands.

Example: “I only got to first base on my date last night.”

Second base in baseball is the second position you run to after you pass first base. Second base in dating refers to kissing.

Example: I got to second base and it was amazing.

To strike out in baseball means that you didn’t hit the ball  while at bat. In dating it can mean you didn’t get the girl or guy’s phone number, name, or even their interest after approaching them. If you strike out, it means that your attempts were unsuccessful.

Example: “Hey, whatever happened to that girl I saw you talking to?”  “Oh nothing, I struck out.”

curveball is a pitch in baseball which tricks the person at bat by curving unexpectedly. In dating it might mean to surprise someone.

Example: “In a group he acts like he doesn’t like me but he keeps throwing me curveballs by asking to hang out on the weekends. I’m so confused.”

Now get out and there use some of these idioms and let us know how it goes.  If you have any comments or would like to try using one of these idioms in a sentence, please comment below.

Author: Arie Lofton

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