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Mini English Lesson: Sizzle, Crunch, Munch!

Learn some common English phrases using words or terms used to describe food. 

Do you know these phrases? If you don’t, take 5 minutes to improve your English!

Butter someone up (verb) To tell someone what they want to hear, to get what you want.


“Mom you look gorgeous today!”

“Don’t try to butter me up sweetie. I’ve told you, you cannot drive until you’re 16.”

Peachy  (adjective) Used to say something is good or perfect.


“How’s everything Samantha?”

“Just peachy!”

It’s all gravy (expression) Used to say everything is okay.


“Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I need you to work this weekend.”

“It’s all gravy. I need the money.”

Chicken (noun) What you call someone who is afraid to do something.


“Come look over the edge of the cliff. Stop being a chicken!”

Put all of your eggs in one basket (expression) Used to say that you should keep all of your options open and not rely on one thing too much.


“I like Joey, but I really like Lucas too.”

“Well, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, you’re still young.”

Author: Arie Lofton

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