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English Tip! Learn Wine & Food Idioms for South Beach Wine & Food Festival

In honor of the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival we thought we would teach you some food & wine idioms and at the same time give you some useful information about this mouthwatering festival. Some would call this killing two birds with one stone,” but we don’t want to get too carried away with idioms. Plus, we are peaceful folk here at LANGUAGE ON English Schools.

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The 2014  SobeWFF kicks off on Thursday the 20th of February with various brunches, lunches, linners, and dinners and doesn’t stop until Sunday evening. The bad part, a lot of the tickets are on the pricey side. The good part, the fewer events you attend the less weight you will gain. One popular ticketing option is a weekend pass, or you can do as my doctor advised me and just settle for one day.  Check out the big tents located directly on the beach around 13th and Ocean Drive and and graze to your heart’s content.

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So now onto the English part of the post, or the second bird if you will.

  • wine and dine somebody: Some insurance salesmen wine and dine their clients in an effort to sell them an insurance policy.  (to entertain with food and entertainment often in an effort to charm)
  • good egg: Some people don’t like Anthony Bourdain‘s cursing, but I think he is a good egg. (a good or nice person)
  • gravy train: If he gets a high score on the IELTS, his company has promised him a promotion. From that point on, life will be a gravy train. (to have an easy life with little stress and many benefits)
  • to have one’s finger in the pie: Josh is always coming up with new ideas to make money and gets involved with crazy online businesses. For now he needs to focus on learning English. He has his fingers in too many pies. (to be involved or have role in something, usually a business venture)
  • have egg on one’s face: When Igor failed the English test he really had egg on his face. He had been boasting about his level for weeks but never really seemed to study. You have to study if you want to improve your English! (to be embarrassed by a failure or a mistake)

We hope to see you there!

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