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How to learn English Quickly and Fast – Tips & Tricks

You’re ready to begin your language learning journey, but recognizing how to learn English in an effective way can be a difficult task. Language is a multifaceted subject with many aspects to consider from reading and writing, to listening and, eventually, speaking English fluently.  

Nowadays, there are so many available resources from apps to entire websites filled with information. Where does one begin?  Fear not! In this article, you’ll discover some easy tricks on how to learn English quickly. 

Before we get started, these are some basic tips on how to learn English:

  1. Change your phone and social media settings to English
  2. Write down new words 
  3. Live or travel abroad 
  4. Have conversations with strangers
  5. Read your favorite book in English
  6. Learn English idioms and expressions 
  7. Always ask plenty of questions 
  8. Join an English course
  9. Read everything you can, from billboards to newspapers and everything in between

How To Learn To Speak English

Learning how to speak English is one of the most important and rewarding parts of studying the language.  After all the time you’ve invested in studying, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to express yourself. It’s proof that your hard work has finally paid off! 

The real world application of speaking English will not only improve your confidence in this new skill, it’s also the bridge to exciting, new opportunities and amazing relationships!

How To Learn To Read In English

When there’s a show to watch or a catchy new song to listen to, considering how to read in English may not seem as interesting. However, it’s equally important and just as entertaining! 

There’s no need to spend all your free time in the library. You can read English all around you. The most crucial thing to do when it comes to learning to read in English is making the process as pleasurable as possible! 

Below are 10 ways to make reading in English fun:

  1. Read about subjects that interest you 
  2. Read for your proficiency level
  3. Dedicate time to reading in English every day
  4. Read authentic materials like magazines or newspaper articles
  5. Read your favorite novel or a book you’ve already read, in English
  6. Have a translator nearby (but don’t rely on it completely)
  7. Use context clues to uncover the meaning of a new word
  8. Join or create a book club of readers around your level
  9. Be sure to write down new words and their definitions 
  10.  Read the same text multiple times until you understand it completely

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How To Learn To Write In English

Whether you’re learning English for professional or personal reasons, you’ll find that learning to write in English is a wonderful and very necessary communication tool.  We don’t often think of writing outside of a university setting but it’s a skill that is incredibly useful. 

From commenting on a YouTube video to texting a friend to emailing your new boss, you can become an effective English writer with dedicated practice.

Here are some great ways to improve your written English:

  1. Review  your grammar
  2. Keep a personal diary in English
  3. Write letters to an English speaking pen pal
  4. Start a blog about a subject that interests you
  5. Purchase an English dictionary
  6. Practice writing in full sentences
  7. Read every day
  8. Learn how to organize a story
  9. Learn the rules of spelling
  10. Make note of commonly misspelled words

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How To Learn English Vocabulary

When it comes to learning any language, words are the building blocks you can use to construct your amazing ideas!  With each new word you become closer to mastering the English language. 

A rich, diverse vocabulary is essential in being able to express exactly what you’re feeling or thinking.  Lucky for you, there are lots of easy, fun ways to expand your vocabulary no matter what your learning style.

These are the 10 best tips on how to learn English vocabulary:

  1. Use flash cards 
  2. Research synonyms for words you already know
  3. Watch T.V. and shows to discover new words
  4. Label items in your home or apartment
  5. Use a new word in all its forms (noun, adjective, adverb)
  6. Read different types of texts 
  7. Utilize language apps
  8. Use new words in sentences
  9. Listen to music to discover new words
  10.  Draw and label diagrams (ex: the human body)

How To Reduce Your Accent In English

Maybe you finally feel comfortable speaking in English, but you find that native speakers struggle to understand you. Everything may sound fine to you but listeners often ask you to repeat yourself.

Even if you’ve become an expert in grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure, pronunciation is as vital a part of the equation as any other. In order to communicate effectively, it may be necessary for you to reduce your accent.

Below are some great ways to soften or reduce your accent:

  1. Choose an accent to imitate
  2. Pay attention to placement of lips, teeth and tongue
  3. Don’t speak too quickly
  4. Focus on how native speakers say certain words
  5. Pay close attention to vowel pronunciation
  6. Listen carefully to all media you consume
  7. Practice reading out loud
  8. Make note of intonation
  9. Take accent reduction classes
  10. Be sure to place stress on the correct syllable 
  11.  Use YouTube and Google translate to help pronunciation

How To Improve Speaking Fluency In English

The ultimate prize for the vocab memorization, the reading and the journal keeping is to finally be able to have a continuous back and forth chat in real time. As an English learner, the ultimate goal is to be able to have a conversation that flows. 

When you’re able to learn how to speak English fluently, you can express yourself with confidence and you’ll happily seize any opportunity to flaunt your newfound proficiency!

Here are some of my top 10 steps for improving English speaking fluency:

  1. Get involved with social groups that have a focus on things besides English (tennis, wine tastings, speed dating, etc)
  2. Train yourself to think in English (through repetition of phrases you use)
  3. Visualize what you’ll say ahead of time
  4. Form relationships with native speakers that don’t speak your language 
  5. Pay attention to and properly use word and sentence stress 
  6. Don’t be afraid to make errors
  7. Create a list of conversational phrases to utilize
  8. Immerse yourself in the language
  9. Try, try and try again!
  10.  Don’t give up!

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