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Exploring Washington DC: Studying English & Adventures in the Capital

Looking for a great place to study English? One of the best cities for English classes is Washington DC,  capital of the United States. You’ll find a fascinating mix of old and new places to visit in Washington DC. Studying English here is like taking a tour of the United States all in one place. You’ll meet people from all over the country and experience many of the United States’ regional cultures, as well as those of immigrants from all over the world. You can also immerse yourself in American history and see many of the government institutions you’ve heard about in the news.

Discovering Washington DC’s Iconic Attractions:

Washington DC offers amazing attractions for every interest imaginable. Among the many things to do in Washington DC is a trip to the National Mall. This beautifully designed way extends from the center of the city to the Potomac River. In this area, known as “America’s Front Yard”, you can find many iconic memorials telling the story of people and events that shaped the nation. Magnificent statues and memorials such as those honoring Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are even more emotionally moving when seen in person. The famous cherry trees are also found here.

The range of museums to be discovered in Washington DC is truly astounding. The Smithsonian Institution is the United State’s flagship museum group, with a large collection of museums where you can learn about all aspects of human achievement and the natural world. Admission to most of their museums and the zoo is free, although some do require a timed reservation to be made online before arrival. Be sure to check the Smithsonian Institution website  before your visit for details and opening hours.

If art is your passion, there are many places to visit in Washington DC. The National Gallery of Art exhibits a wide variety of works from diverse cultures and time periods. Although independent from the Smithsonian, admission to The National Gallery is also free.  Some galleries specialize in the art of particular regions or ethnicities. These include the National Museum of Asian Art, the American Art Museum,  and the African Art Museum. At the National Portrait Gallery, you can explore American history through portraits of Americans from all walks of life.  For the best in contemporary art, you’ll want to visit The Hirshhorn Gallery.

For technology fans, there are fascinating places to learn about both historical technologies and future trends. The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular. Language learners should check out Planet Word, an immersive language experience located at the historic Franklin School in Washington, D.C. Ideal for all ages, Planet Word is the world’s first voice-activated museum, featuring interactive galleries and exhibits that bring words and language to life in all sorts of fun ways.

Children enjoying the exhibits at the National Air and Space Museum

The National Zoo, also managed by the Smithsonian, is where you will find more than 2,100 animals representing almost 400 different species. It’s one of the oldest zoos in the United States and is dedicated to training new generations of conservation biologists.

Immersive Language Learning in Washington DC:

In an immersive language learning program, classes are presented in the students’ new language. Both the course material and the teacher’s instructions are given in English. This style of language teaching is widely acknowledged to be the most effective. Classes at our English language school, which serves Washington DC, Arlington and the surrounding area  are all taught using this proven immersion method.  A partner of Language On, this school adheres to the highest standards in curriculum design and teacher selection, while providing a friendly, student-centered classroom environment.

As an international city with people from all over the world, English is used extensively as the common language in Washington DC.  This means you’ll need to use English in your everyday life outside the classroom such as when you shop or travel,, so  you’ll soon become more confident in English. An international city like Washington DC is the perfect environment for the English learner because everyone there is accustomed to hearing a variety of accents. Washington DC is a very welcoming and accepting place for speakers of all levels of English.

Language Learning Activities Amidst City Adventures:

You’ll want to share your adventures in Washington DC with friends and family. A great way to practice the English language skills you acquire during your adventures in Washington DC is to share them on social media. Write some of your posts in English to reinforce the vocabulary you’ve learned as you explore the city. Posting to social media is a great motivator for many people, so this is really a painless way to put your new English skills to work!

Our school is in Rosslyn, Arlington which is just across the bridge from Washington DC’s Georgetown neighborhood. Its close proximity to the boundary of Washington DC leads many to colloquially refer to the general neighborhood still as part of Washington DC, or just DC for short. Our English school organizes regular field trips for its students  to the most interesting places to visit in Washington DC. These excursions are designed to be both entertaining and to include activities that will provide real-world English practice.

Off-the-Beaten-Path and Hidden Gems:

You will of course want to see the most famous statues of  notable American leaders found in the National Mall area, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. There are also some beautiful  lesser-known examples of commemorative art in Washington DC.  One of the most interesting is the Albert Einstein Memorial, which portrays the scientific genius in a modern, expressive style. It is located near the National Academy of Sciences headquarters.  Unlike other such statues, visitors are allowed to touch and playfully interact with the Albert Einstein Memorial. It’s a great place to take memorable selfies!

There has also been a very successful effort to provide green spaces within the urban environment. You’ll always be able to find a refreshing green space as 99% of Washington, DC residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park. Theodore Roosevelt Island is a hidden gem located in the Potomac River where you can relax in a vehicle free environment. Gardening enthusiasts will want to visit the US Botanic Garden, a living plant museum. Admission here is also at no charge. The Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens are another sometimes overlooked attraction worth a visit.

Cultural and Culinary Exploration:

You’ll find a globe-spanning array of cultures represented in Washington DC. As the nation’s capital, it attracts immigrants, businesspeople, and government officials from all over the world who are eager to offer the best of their culture. In addition to presentations of authentic music and art, you can also discover genuine ethnic cuisines. Check out the official guide to Washington DC food to find an option that fits your tastes and budget.

Seeing a play, movie or other stage performance is a great way to practice your English listening skills. The Kennedy Center presents shows in all genres, including classical and jazz music, musical and spoken plays, ballet, blockbuster movies, and more. In addition to events requiring paid admission, there are also a variety of top quality performances that can be seen for free. Jazz lovers might also want to visit U Street Washington DC, the birthplace of Duke Ellington.

Practical Tips for Language-Learning Travelers:

Washington DC boasts many unique, characterful neighborhoods from historically-preserved areas to newer developments, each with a unique vibe. You’ll find the details on these districts in this guide. With this incredible variety, you’ll always find things to do in Washington DC that are never boring!

For language-learning travelers, easily accessible and well-planned transportation is essential to making the most of their learning experience. Fortunately, local and regional transportation are top quality in Washington  DC. The area has the second-highest percentage of public transit commuters in the United States. The rapid rail system currently has 97 stations across six lines covering 129 miles and is integrated with the bus system and other options for maximum efficiency. Our English school is located near many public transit connections so you can easily enjoy all of the amazing places to visit in Washington DC.

The city is also pedestrian and bike friendly. A 2021 study ranked Washington, D.C. in the top five most walkable cities in the United States. Bike lanes and bike trails are also provided throughout the metro area.

Make Washington DC your place for an English Learning Adventure!

Studying English in Washington, DC is a great experience. You can improve your English skills and get to know many of America’s diverse cultures, all in one exciting metro area. You’ll also learn about the United States government and artistic heritage. We look forward to welcoming you to our English language school in the nation’s capital for an adventure-filled English learning experience!

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