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Essential vocabulary for a night out in Miami

Happy Friday everyone! It’s finally here, and a holiday on Monday to boot.

We wish everybody a fun and safe weekend.  Have even more fun by learning some essential vocabulary for a night out in Miami. If you don’t know where to go, check out the top clubs in Miami.


This refers to a security guard at a fancy lounge or club. You can recognize the bouncer because they usually dress in all black, wear an earpiece, and look very serious. Don’t mess with the bouncer!

Cover charge

This is the price you pay at the door to get entrance into a club. Go early so you don’t have to pay the cover charge.


I know you already know what this means. Don’t forget to pay it! Most people leave around 18 to 20% for good service.


A tab is the bill or check that the bar (usually) will open for you when you sit down. When you open a tab, you pay at the end of the night. Be careful, in Miami your tab can get pretty big pretty quickly.

On the house

If you are offered something on the house, take it! This is a term used to mean free, or that the establishment will pay for it.

Now it’s your turn to try to use some of these in a sentence. If you’d like to practice, comment below and we will let you know if you used them correctly. Now, get out there and turn your LANGUAGE ON!

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