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English Classes in South Beach

Enroll in English classes in South Beach and have fun both in and out of your English class! My name is Eric, originally from Chicago, I came to South Florida for the sun, the fun, and of course the intrigue of living in an eternal summer.  I teach English at LANGUAGE ON English School in Miami Beach, or “South Beach” as it’s known to most locals.

Today, I want to give you a few reasons why you should chose to study English in South Beach.

Learning English can be a daunting task. Though it may be the international language of business and is taught to school children around the world, most people do not get the opportunity to become proficient unless they take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Join our English classes in South Beach!

Through classroom instruction, association with like-minded students from virtually every continent and immersion in the language and culture surrounding South Beach, one can hone their skills, not only for speaking but for pronunciation, writing, reading and listening – through a variety of activities at the school and its community of international students and highly qualified instructors.

For those looking to Study English in South Beach for business purposes, the school offers an intensive personalized program that targets the language and formality typical of business environments around the world. Our teachers are not only skilled and certified in language instruction but possess decades of business experience that brings a sophistication to the classroom that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Studying English in South Beach can be an enjoyable and ultimately lucrative way to spend a vacation or to take a break from the pressures of professional life.

Enroll in English Classes in South Beach with LANGUAGE ON!

Keep reading to find out the reasons why you should take English classes in South Beach with LANGUAGE ON.

Technology Facilities

The school offers internet with multiple guest workstations (yes – Apple is available!) and printer capabilities to make your life convenient and efficient while away from home. A small library of language-related resources like books and audio sources provide hours of targeted study for those who want more and more.

Exam Preparation

Our instructors are well versed on the TOEFL and other standard tests that you may be required to take for entrance to your university or for other certification requirements, professional and academic. Private lessons are available to help you establish a strategy and study habits that maximize your performance.  We will work with you hand in hand to make sure you are truly prepared when you sit down to take the exam.

World Class Audio-Visual to Maximize the Classroom Experience

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Large screen TVs for class presentation of real-life written and spoken language from such sources as the internet, daily newspapers and other relevant sources from around the world.  No one likes to keep one’s nose in a book all the time.  Have something online you want to share and contribute to the classroom?  Bring it on!

Modern State-of-the-Art Setting with Plenty of Distractions Close-by

An ultra-modern 3rd floor office featuring six well-appointed classrooms and a huge variety of shops, restaurants and other attractions a short elevator-ride away at ground-level on the famous Lincoln Road outdoor mall. Hey, if you want to bring your lunch, we have a full lounge and break room upstairs with a vending machine, microwave, tables, couches and a couple of tvs.

Rigor and Accomplishment as the Norm

The Common European Framework (CEF) standard that LANGUAGE ON adheres to means you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our methods and materials for instruction are state-of-the-art. We employ the guidelines set by the standards-setting bodies of Europe that have been embraced across that continent.

Something Else You Might Like

In contrast to the rigor of the CEF curriculum, we offer a creative flair in the midst of our instruction. We bring variety and fun in the form of outside resources that are used to round-off the academic approach of the CEF-based work we do. Stimulating discussion that brings out personal experience, opinion and humor make the classroom a place not just for study but for building relationships that often last beyond your time in South Beach.

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation

For those who are already well on the road to fluency but would like to sound more English-savvy or perhaps correct habits that were acquired through your own self-study that are pretty good but not quite good enough for you, we offer instruction for pronunciation and accent reduction. Whether for business purposes or for the person who wishes to perform on stage without the distraction an accent may present, you will find a supportive and experienced staff ready to help you analyze and re-establish the sounds you hope to display when speaking English.  We have a wide range of experience with speakers of Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and a long list of other languages and we understand how to counsel you relative to the habits you have developed from speaking your own native tongue.

What you can do after your English classes in South Beach!

Regal South Beach and IMax Theaters

Movies are one way to enjoy South Beach and of course a great way to practice your English.  All of the latest films can be seen in a modern comfortable setting.  Combine that with the option of IMax and this theater complex rivals any you may frequent in your home city.

Books & Books

If you are the kind to take in a little light Nietzsche or a great novel such as “To Rise at a Decent Hour”, this bookstore might be the place for you when you are taking refuge from the sunny beach. Its cafe offers significant fare – not just a few muffins.  There are regular visits and open discussion with the authors who write the books you find in stock.  Open to 11 pm – for the night owls with big ideas and an appetite for even more exposure to English.

Art Deco Historic District

For those who find movies and books too plebeian, Miami Beach has an architectural gem in the form of the Art Deco District which was built between the two world wars at a time when the national mood was playful and upbeat. The Art Deco style of architecture originated in France around the time of World War I and was developed against the backdrop of industrialization in full swing. As such, it embraced modernity and technological development of that era and  perpetuated a certain optimism by using bright pastel colors, shiny chrome-driven themes,  intricately decorated surfaces and distinct right-angled structures.  This area of Miami Beach is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and virtually every building of its 2-3 mile footprint has been renovated, making it a feature of Miami Beach that is not to be missed.

Flamingo Park

For the active side of the animal, check out Flamingo Park. Here you will find a football field, a soccer field, a swimming pool, Tennis courts, an eight-lane running track with lots of room for roller-blading and biking as well.  As if that is not enough, there are handball, basketball and racquetball courts.  For those more staid who have children exerting all the effort, there is a tots and bigger kids playground area, while you sprawl on nearby seating to look on.

Collins Avenue

Of course, a visit to South Beach is not complete without seeing Collins Avenue for the truly funky side of South Beach.  Adult entertainment, dancing and music pours out onto the street after dark for those who are looking for a more intense party atmosphere.  Young people from all over the world visit and mix to make this quarter a lively and exhilarating experience.

Britto Central Art Gallery (Named after Pop Artist Romero Britto)

If you are the type to bring home a little culture as your souvenir, this art gallery offers original works from local artists as well as those of wider acclaim.  Prices for gifts you might want to send home or souvenirs for yourself range from quite modest, less than $50, and up.  Even if you are not an art connoisseur and just want to satisfy you curiosity or find something completely different to do, this is a great place to visit. Bright colors in an elegant setting and helpful staff make the art gallery a worthy outing from almost anyone of any age.

Little Havana

For about $15 one way from South Beach, you too can have a little bit of Cuba.  You have not had Arroz Con Pollo until you have tried it in Little Havana in one the local establishments there.  Come on a Thursday night and you can treat yourself to some of the best jazz in Miami at the Ball & Chain nightclub, beginning early – around 5pm.  After several sets of blistering jazz, they switch over to a dance club setting, providing a little something for everyone of all ages and tastes.  Need a hand-rolled cigar – look no further?  Little Havana on Calle Ocho is the place.

Do you have more questions about our English courses? Please, just ask!  We hope to see you in our English classes in South Beach.

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