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Cheap Eats for Students in Miami Beach

Check out our recommendations for the best cheap restaurants in Miami Beach for international students.

While South Beach has amazing food,  it can be expensive for students. You have to know where to find the best spots!  South Beach has a diverse range of cultures with many types of culinary treats. You can find food from everywhere in the world, all in one city. Two of LANGUAGE ON English Schools favorite cheap delicious food spots are “Miami’s best tacos”, Bodega Taqueria y Tequila and for sandwiches, La Sandwicherie.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Most people think of Cuba when they think of Miami, but we also have a large influence of Mexican culture. Enter into the South of Border (Mexico) when you enter into Bodega Taqueria y Tequila. It’s a perfect place to go after class with your new friends. Bodega has the most delicious tacos for $3.00, which pairs perfectly with a margarita. They have tacos for all tastes, from chicken and pork to vegetarian. If you’re looking for something more substantial try a taco try a Torta, or better known as a Mexican sandwich. These are large pressed sandwiches with lots of fillings. Try the Late Night sandwich filled with pork, bacon, black beans, crispy onions and cheese! It’s filling and won’t disappoint your appetite.

Not only is their food amazing but the decor is perfect as well. From the outside, you feel as if you’re on a street in Los Angeles with an old silver trailer and port a potty that says Baño (toilet in Spanish). The large old silver trailer was transformed into the order counter. A surprise awaits you as you enter the bar area located in the back of the building. Don’t be scared…just do it! You will be amazed.

The Bodega Taqueria y Tequila bar itself is a special place in South Beach to visit. You can meet local Americans and practice your English you just learned in class. The bar’s decor will  remind you of our wild west frontier.. It consists of all wood, a fake fireplace, a small second floor balcony with a chair swing, couches and a pool table. You can actually eat inside if you want until 9:00 pm. Order your food right from the bar. Try any of their cocktails, especially my favorite, the Islander.

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La Sandwicherie

If you are just coming from the beach after school at LANGUAGE ON and you’re hungry, check out La Sandwicherie which is in an alleyway.They have the BEST selection of sandwiches for only  $7.00 each. These sandwiches are  huge! It’s “an outside pull up a chair type of joint”. There is no inside so everyone wears their swimsuits. The employees are French and are always very curteous. On a hot day, cool yourself off with their misting system.

Sandwiches come on either a croissant or a french baguette. My favorite is the baguette which is double the size of the croissant. You can create your own sandwich or choose one from their menu. Remember all sandwiches come with lettuce, tomato, green & hot peppers, black olives, cucumbers, cornichons, mayonnaise and french dressing. If you’re into salads, then you will be happy here! Their salads are perfectly sized and include meat, chicken, turkey or fish.

Lastly, you have to try their juice bar. A smoothie or a fresh juice is perfect after a hot day at the beach. You can create your own or choose one of their creations. I recommend the Rainforest with strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and banana. It’s  only a five minute walk from the school located on Lincoln Road.

Going to local places will help you meet local people and expand your practice of English! So, don’t get stuck paying $20 for a sandwich or $15 for tacos on Ocean Drive. Check out LANGUAGE ON’s favorite spots to eat and you won’t be disappointed!

If you need suggestions for where to go eat after your English class, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Author: Amanda Knapp

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