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person reading documents of requirements to apply for a change of visa status in the united states of america

Change of Status to F-1

This blog will deal with the details involved in applying for a change of status from another status to F or F-1 Status. Applying for an F-1 change of status […]

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Many people think about learning a second language but hesitate to begin because the anticipated challenges may seem to outweigh the benefits. However, real-world experience shows that there are many […]

How To Practice Speaking English

How to Practice Speaking English

Many students want to know how they can practice speaking English in order to become fluent as fast as possible. Speaking can be one of the most difficult aspects of […]

Learn English In Orlando FL

Looking for a great place to learn English? Orlando, Florida is a super option. While known for its many tourist attractions, it has many other features that make it an […]

Learning English As A Second Language

Are you interested in learning English as a second language? Chances are, you have been studying English for quite some time already. Don’t give up! >