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The Best Romantic Things to do in Miami

Between its miles of white sand beaches, warm tropical weather, and beautiful downtown skyline, Miami is a very romantic city.

It’s the perfect destination to create lasting memories with that special person in your life.

In this article we are going to share 10 romantic things to do in Miami that go beyond the typical fancy dinner and don’t cost a small fortune.
The following activities are fresh alternatives for couples to experience at affordable prices.

When it comes to romance…. it’s the thought that counts the most.  

Camping and nature bonding at Oleta River State Park

Being out in nature together is one of the best ways to bond with your significant other.
Oleta River State Park is Florida’s largest urban park and offers a variety of amazing nature activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, camping and much more.
If you and your sweetie are looking for
things to do in Miami this weekend consider spending a full day hiking along picturesque trails. Then get a kayak for two and explore the majestic mangrove forests.  

For something a bit more adventurous, you can also rent bicycles and go mountain biking.
The park has 10 miles of challenging, intermediate mountain bike trails for you to choose from.
After a long day of nature bonding spend the rest of the evening getting cozy in one of the park’s rustic cabins.

Art and Wine Miami

Some of the most romantic moments in history have been captured in art. Throughout the ages, many of the greatest painters in the world have painted portraits of their beloved.
Now couples can have their turn at learning to paint and expressing their love through art.

Art and Wine Miami offers hands-on step-by-step painting lessons where you both can learn to paint together while drinking wine.
At the end of the event you can take the artwork home.
Use the lessons you learned to paint loving pictures of each other!

Thriller Miami Speed Tour

One of the best ways to see Miami is on the water and nothing says intense passion and adrenaline like a high speed boat ride around the city.

Feel the ocean breeze as you zip through the waters of South Beach, Biscayne Bay, Fisher Island, and Key Biscayne with your significant other. The boat ride is 45 minutes long is one of the really fun things to do in Miami for couples.
The boat goes up to 50 mph and covers three times more area than other boat tours in the city.
At the end of the boat ride spend the rest of the time enjoy the Bayside Marketplace which has tasty restaurants, plenty of retail stores, and free live music every day at their Marina Stage.
South Beach Helicopter Ride

South Beach Helicopter Ride

  • North Perry Airport, 7201 S Airport Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33023
  • (786) 502-5757

The Thriller Miami might be the best way to see Miami from the water, but a South Beach helicopter ride for two is the best way to see Miami from the air.
This is one of the most expensive activities on this list, but it’s also one of the most breathtaking
things to do in Miami.

Take your love to new heights with the South Beach Helicopter company. They have several great tours you can pick from but we recommend Tour A.
Tour A flies you 23 miles over Aventura, Sun Life Stadium, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles, Haulover Beach, and Gulfstream Park.
Your perspective of the city will completely change.

If you are both feeling extra adventurous they have a variety of other tours available at higher price points.

Saturday Night Dinner and Jazz at Soyka Restaurant

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Soyka Restaurant is located just a few minutes north of Midtown Miami and the Design District and has been a local’s favorite for nearly 15 years.
The restaurant features Classic Comfort Food and was decorated like someone’s home.

There is also a very romantic indoor garden that feels as if you have entered an enchanted new city.
Everything on the menu is fantastic but the sharable items are a good start to a romantic evening. The Mediterranean mussels and wild mushroom shrimp risotto are exceptional.
For dessert you can’t go wrong with their Hot Chocolate Soufflé for Two served with vanilla sauce and whipped cream.  

On Friday & Saturday nights Soyka features live Jazz which is the perfect music to accompany dinner.

Romantic Picnic at South Pointe Park

A picnic at South Pointe Park in South Beach is one of the best things to do in Miami Beach and it’s also very romantic.
South Pointe Park is a lovely 17-acre urban park where locals gather on weekends to enjoy the park features which include the famous Smith & Wollensky Restaurant, a dog park, kid’s playground, and direct access to the beach.

The park is located right by the water and several days a week you can watch the cruise ships up close as they head to out to sea.
On any sunny weekend, grab a large blanket, pack some food, and enjoy a romantic picnic with one of the best views of the city. The early evenings are usually best when it’s not so hot out.
Glass bottles are not allowed at the park so everyone usually brings plastic pitchers with their beverages of choice.

Meditation at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Couples can connect on a deeper level with themselves and with each other at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.
The garden is 2.6 acre of stunning plants native to Florida and offers free meditation and yoga classes.
The garden only asks that you make a small donation.

The meditation and yoga classes are enhanced by the garden’s natural beauty, peaceful ponds, flowing waterfalls, and beautiful flowers.
The yoga classes are usually accessible to all skill levels and the teachers use various poses and demonstrations to give students a fuller understanding of the practice.  

In the meditation class, the teacher leads students for a one hour journey in the garden’s Butterfly Room.
Couples will leave feeling relaxed, inspired and reinvigorated.

An evening of wine and beer tasting at Schnebly Winery

Schnebly Winery is one the most unique places to visit in Miami.
What makes this winery so special is that they produce wines made from tropical fruits like mango, guava and avocado.
The winery is surrounded with lush greenery and has beautiful waterfalls that create a very romantic environment.

Head there on a Friday or Saturday and enjoy their wine or beer tastings and tour. A guide will show you the beautiful estate, share its history, and walk you through the entire winemaking process.
Couples can also experience the winery’s new restaurant or dance the night away to their live entertainment.

Hurts So Good Massage for two at the Standard Hotel & Spa

Indulge in one of the most relaxing massages in Miami Beach.
This is the second activity on the list that is more expensive than the others but your bodies will thank you.

The Standard Spa offers guests a Hurts So Good Massage that you can book with an additional person.
This 60 minute massage features skilled hands applying just the right amount pressure to the body to melt away any tension.
Layer by layer they work out tight areas with strong and then light pressure until the muscles are completely relaxed.
After the massage couples can snuggle together at the Roman Waterfall hot tub or go for a swim in their infinity pool that overlooks the bay.

Coral Castle Museum Tour

Coral Castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin and has become Miami’s greatest love story.
When he was just was 26 years old Edward became engaged to the love of his life Agnes Scuffs.
The day before they were supposed to walk down the aisle, Agnes canceled the wedding.
Edward was so heartbroken that he decided to build her a monument as an expression of his love.

He started to build the castle in 1923.
Without anyone’s help and without any machinery, he carved more than 1,100 tons of coral rock to create one of the world’s most mysterious monuments.
In 1951, 28 years later, Edward finished his masterpiece and then died shortly after.
Til this day, no one is really sure how this man who was only about 5 feet tall managed to build something like that with limited tools. There are no other attractions in Miami that represent undying love like the Coral Castle.

This list of 10 romantic things to do in Miami offer couples the opportunity to experience different aspects of the city rather than the same Miami attractions.
Whether you love a quiet afternoon in the park or a high energy cruise, Miami truly has something all couples can do to create lasting memories.
We invite you to read other articles to get great insight on the other activities in Miami.

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