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Best Place to Study English in the Summer

Studying English during the summer is a great way to make the most of those months and your precious time off. Get away from your everyday routine while learning a valuable new skill for personal satisfaction, academic advancement, or business advantages. You’ll return home with unforgettable memories of beautiful natural scenes, new friends, and some great adventure stories. You can impress your family, friends and business associates with your newly learned English abilities.

Benefits of Studying English in the Summer:

There are many benefits to studying English in the summer. During the summer months, many people are traveling, so you will be able to interact with a greater range of people. You will have more opportunities to practice your English in everyday life as you meet travelers from many parts of the United States and other English-speaking countries.

Why Study English in the United States?

Studying English in the United States means that you will have more chances to speak English every day. You will acquire practical language skills by interacting with native speakers and your instructors will often be native speakers as well. Other teachers may be native-level speakers who have acquired English as a second language and have a personal understanding of this process.

LANGUAGE ON Schools carefully selects their teachers based on experience and qualifications. Another important reason to study English in the United States is that government regulations require language schools to maintain high academic standards.  At LANGUAGE ON Schools, these rules are carefully followed. This includes employing teachers who continuously receive continuing education on the most up-to-date teaching techniques.

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How to Select a School for Summer English Courses in the United States:

Think about what kind of other experiences you want to have during your summer vacation. Will you want to visit cultural places, discover new natural ecosystems, do some shopping, or go nightclubbing in your free time? LANGUAGE ON (English Language Schools in the USA) offers summer English classes in cities throughout the United States that offer all of these activities, and more. You are sure to find your ideal place for a summer English course in one of these great American cities:

Best Cities to Study English in the United States:

Aventura, Florida:

Located in the northern part of Miami-Dade County, Aventura is a beautiful, planned community that attracts people from all over the world. The main shopping destination, Aventura Mall, is the third largest shopping mall in the United States, by area. This recently upgraded mall features everything from high-end designer boutiques to mid-level department stores, as well as a fantastic range of dining options. There are also a number of beautiful marinas along Aventura’s intercoastal waterway for those who enjoy boating or an ocean view. LANGUAGE ON Aventura is a great place to learn English during the summer. You can find more information about their English class options at: English Classes in Aventura.

Boca Raton, Florida:

Boca Raton is an internationally famous high-end destination located in Palm Beach County. Boca Raton is noted for its clean, family-friendly atmosphere. Although the party scene here is less intense than in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you can find vibrant nightlife in the downtown area, with a variety of restaurants and clubs. A higher end shopping area, Mizner Park, has been expertly integrated with the surrounding green area, and is great for a relaxing evening walk or dining al fresco. If you’re looking to explore Florida’s phenomenal natural landscape, Boca Raton has many parks and gorgeous beaches you can relax at after your summer English classes. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities in Boca Raton’s public parks and beaches. LANGUAGE ON Boca Raton offers many summer English courses and  options at their conveniently located school. Check out the possibilities at this English School Boca Raton.

Miami Beach, Florida:

Miami Beach is one of the world’s top party places. You can indulge in the supercharged nightlife, or chill out at one of the many beaches. Each beach has its own distinct vibe, so there is something for every beach lover. There will always be something interesting to do after your summer English classes on Miami Beach. LANGUAGE ON Miami Beach is ideally located near Lincoln Road, a pedestrian mall in the amazing South Beach section of the city. You’ll meet fellow students from all over the world. Find more information about this location at: English Classes in Miami Beach.

Miami (Brickell), Florida:

The Brickell area of Miami is one of the hottest destinations. It’s definitely a big-city vibe with everything you could want within walking distance. Brickell City Center is the hub of this area, with many shopping, dining and entertainment options to enjoy after your summer English classes. While everything is within easy walking distance, there is also a free elevated train service, Metromover, operating in the area. LANGUAGE ON Miami is close to all the excitement in this busy part of Miami. Check out this English School in Miami.

Kendall, Florida:

Kendall is a popular suburb of Miami. If you study English in the summer in Kendall, you’ll be in a more quiet environment, but will still be within easy reach of great shopping, dining and much more. Another major mall, Dadeland Mall, is located in Kendall. Public transportation is especially convenient, with the county’s Metrorail train making two stops in the area. LANGUAGE ON Kendall is within minutes of all of these destinations You can find more details on their summer English language courses at English Courses in Kendall USA.

Orlando, Florida:

Famous for its amusement and theme parks, Orlando is a fantastic way to really enjoy studying English in the USA during the summer. Although most visitors will spend time in at least one of the three major parks (Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld), Orlando is really much more than just these places.

For example, there is a fascinating Vietnamese community here where you can experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine, as well as Vietnamese music and art. After your theme park adventures and summer English classes, you might want to relax around beautiful Lake Eola, near the center of the city. LANGUAGE ON Orlando is a great school to take your summer English classes. Check out this English School in Orlando.

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Salt Lake City might seem like an unusual choice for summer English language studies, but in fact it has many reasons to make it a top pick. Utah is in the heart of the American west, so you will find many native speakers here. You’ll have many opportunities to practice English in your daily activities. The Salt Lake City area is one of the most rapidly growing regions in the United States, so you will find all the amenities that a metropolitan area can offer. As this area was important in the westward growth of America there is a lot for history enthusiasts to experience.

Numerous National Parks and Monuments are within easy driving distance. These include the “Mighty Five” National Parks, as well as the Dinosaur National Monument and Timpanogos Caverns. The landscape here is truly unique, with its fantastic rock formations. And of course, there is the Great Salt Lake that gives its name to the city. Taking an overnight or weekend trip to these natural wonders is a great way to enjoy weekends during your summer English language classes. LANGUAGE ON Salt Lake CIty offers great summer English courses in a comfortable atmosphere easily accessed by public transportation or car. More information can be found at: English courses in Salt Lake City, Utah – LANGUAGE ON Schools.

Washington, DC:

An interesting option for studying English in the USA is in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. This city is a cultural feast with its government offices and buildings, and countless museums and galleries. You can take a tour of the White House (the American President’s residence), or the Capitol Building, where the US Congress meets, as well as see iconic sculptures such as the Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Memorials.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presents shows during the summer months in all genres, classical and jazz music, musical and spoken plays, ballet, and more. The Smithsonian Institution is headquartered here, with its large collection of museums. Visual art lovers will want to visit the National Gallery of Art. Washington DC is a top choice if you want a high-end culture experience during your summer English studies. All of these attractions are easily accessible from LANGUAGE ON’s partner school:

What Types of English Courses are Available for Studying in the Summer in the United States?

There are many options for summer English language classes in the United States. LANGUAGE ON offers a wide variety of classes to meet individual student needs. Intensive small group classes are available for those with a student visa. For others, semi-intensive small group or private classes are also an option. Students can also select specialized pronunciation classes or classes to prepare for the standardized English tests (TOEFL or IELTS). A Business English specialization is also possible. More details can be found at  English Courses and Foreign Language in the USA.

How Much Does it Cost to Study English in the Summer in the United States?

Which city you choose will determine your overall costs. You can obtain an estimate of your tuition costs here. In addition, LANGUAGE ON may be able to help arrange for short-term accommodation during your English studies in the United States. The accommodations department can be contacted here. For the best possible airfares, try to book early and compare fares by using more than one online search service.

Wherever you choose for your summer English classes in the United States, you’ll return home knowing you’ve spent your vacation time well! We look forward to welcoming you during your summer English language studies.

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