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Unlocking Success: The Benefits of a Study Buddy for Learning English

A well-known saying or proverb in English is that “Two heads are better than one.” This means that two people working together will make better progress than one person alone. When studying English, having another head – a study buddy – to learn alongside you can really help you move forward and have fun at the same time. When you learn English with a study partner, you’ll be on the way to better and more interesting English. Let’s look at some benefits of having an English language study buddy:

Benefit 1: Boosted Motivation

Learning a new language can be challenging. When you are studying with a partner or with friends, you’ll get the mutual psychological support needed to power through these challenges. Mutual encouragement will keep everyone in the group moving forward even when their personal drive goes into low gear. 

There’s always extra motivation to achieve a goal when we know it will be recognized and celebrated by others. Study partners provide a dedicated group who will salute each other for their success in improving their English language skills.

Study buddies are also a surefire way to overcome procrastination, one of the biggest obstacles to progress in any learning experience. When we know that others will be hearing our excuses for avoiding effort, we are motivated to take the first steps and keep on going. Since working with a study group or study partner requires scheduled study sessions, the tendency to procrastinate is nearly eliminated.

Benefit 2: Enjoy an Enhanced Learning Experience

Members of a study group can give each other immediate feedback, which is essential for real world communication in English. When one study partner is unsure about something, other partners who understand it better will focus their attention on clearly explaining the concept. Everyone benefits from the review – both the person who was in doubt and the person who provides the explanation. It’s often been said that you really understand an idea when you can teach it to someone else.

Individual study partners in a study group come from different personal and educational backgrounds, offering various perspectives and insights.This variety keeps the communication process interesting and encourages learning new vocabulary to accurately express the individual members’ experiences. 

Benefit 3: Cost Savings

You can maximize the benefits of your studies together by enrolling in English classes. You’ll have a structured curriculum that you can use to organize your study sessions outside the classroom. Your teachers will help you determine which aspects of English are most important for you to work on. With this plan, your study sessions will be more focused and efficient. 

Better yet, you and your study buddy can get a discount on tuition fees when you enroll together, at the same time. LANGUAGE ON’s semi-intensive English course offers a 20% discount when two students enroll at the same time.

Benefit 4: Greater Accountability

Studying with a partner or in a small group can keep everyone on track. There is a natural desire not to let the group down, so it’s a great motivator to stick to scheduled meetings and goals. Study buddies and groups begin to consider themselves a team, with a sense of mutual obligation and support.

3 friends studying

Benefit 5: Improved Communication Skills

If you really want to communicate in English, practicing conversation is essential. Study partners and study groups are inherently interactive. It’s much more comfortable to have face-to-face conversations with people who you know than with strangers. In the supportive environment of a study group, you can learn from your mistakes without fear of judgment. This conversation practice in small groups will really boost your confidence, preparing you to converse with people you meet in everyday life. 

Benefit 6: More Enjoyable Study Sessions

The social aspect of learning with a study buddy or study group makes for a lot of fun and is a great motivator to stay on track. There are many ways to make your study sessions enjoyable:

  • Have a watch party where you watch a TV show or movie. Afterwards, discuss what you have seen (in English, of course). Describe the characters, settings and plot to each other, ask questions, and share your personal reactions.
  • If your group is interested in sports, watch a sporting event. Talk in English about the players, their performances, etc.
  • Watch some brief clips from movies or TV series that interest everyone in the group. Memorize some of the dialog, assign a character to each group member, and then act it out. Even more interestingly, you can try to imagine how the characters might have reacted differently or improvise a continuation from the end of the clip.
  • Play a board game that involves lots of English language use. One of the most popular of these is Scrabble, which also has an online version. The goal of this game is to form words from individual letters on a crossword type grid. You can make this game even more effective for learning by using each word in a sentence as it’s formed.
  • For study partners or groups that enjoy a competitive atmosphere, try a “dare” related to English communication. A “dare” is a challenge to do something you wouldn’t normally do unless provoked by someone to show that you are capable of it. You might try these “dares”:
    • Sing a song, in English, at a karaoke bar. Of course, your study buddy or buddies will be there for support.
    • Cook an unfamiliar dish, using only a recipe in English as your guide. The entire group can enjoy eating it.
    • Compose an original short poem or other text in English and recite it at an open-mic night at a bookstore, coffee house, or lounge.

Tips for Finding the Right Study Buddy

Look for potential study partners anywhere you interact with people. Mutual interests in other activities can make for a good study buddy, so be on the lookout for potential study partners at the gym, tennis court, pickleball court, golf course, etc. One of the best places to find a partner is at an English language group class. When you pick your study partners from your larger classroom group, you’ll have a common framework of materials to organize your study sessions around. LANGUAGE ON’s classes teach real-world English in a friendly, relaxed environment, making it easy to find a compatible study buddy.

Make sure your potential study partners are a good match. Look for similar schedules that will allow for regular meetings. Discuss goals and ability to commit to reaching them. If they have been part of a study group in the past, ask them how they felt about that experience.

It’s important that study group members be relatively close to each other in English proficiency level. If not, the less proficient members may feel that they are left out of the conversation.The higher level members will feel as though they are giving tutoring sessions without moving forward themselves.

One of the biggest questions is: Should my English study buddies have the same first language? There are some pros and cons to both sides. If everyone has the same native language, this can help when translation is needed for complete understanding. However, it can also lead to excessive conversation in the native language, greatly slowing down progress in English improvement. If logistics permit, having groups of three–with one member not having a common first language with the others–can work out well. The third member can then redirect the conversation back to English when needed. 

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With a study buddy or study partners, you’ll accelerate your English learning experience while having lots of fun. Choose from a variety of courses where you can meet study buddies for an awesome English language experience. Don’t forget to share the special offer for the semi-intensive course with your friends who are interested in studying English! 

We look forward to helping you and your friends on your way to English mastery soon!

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