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Become a Better Public Speaker and Reduce Your Accent

Practice public speaking and communication at Toastmasters!

I hear many students of accent reduction complaining that they lack places to practice. Of course, I know better. There are many places to practice! If you don’t practice the accent reduction techniques that your accent coach teaches you, you won’t improve!

One great way to practice your accent, and public speaking in general, is to attend Toastmasters meetings.

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International is a global leader in communication and leadership development. Boasting 292,000 members worldwide there is no shortage of chances to improve your communication skills. Currently Toastmasters International has 14,350 speech and communication clubs in 122 countries. Fear not, you are not alone anymore.

Master the world’s global language

while learning English!

  • Improve your English & unlock global opportunities
  • Connect with diverse cultures & nationalities all over the world
  • Access a wealth of knowledge &
    resources in English

Can anybody join Toastmasters?

Sure, your fellow toasters meet weekly all over the world to practice speech and communication techniques. Check out Toastmasters International’s website to find a club near you. You don’t have to join the first one you go to, make sure to find the right one for you. After your first meeting speak to the club vice president for an application. Membership dues are only required upon commitment and are very reasonable. At the time of writing, new members pay a $20 fee plus international dues of $36 every six months.  Note, dues may vary according to club and location.

So, how can Toastmasters help me reduce my accent?

Okay, that’s a valid question. Attending a Toastmasters meeting alone will not help you reduce your accent. However, by joining a club and attending regular meetings you will have a platform from which to speak, practice, and improve. Remember how you said you were looking for venues to practice speaking in a standard American accent?  Well, Toastmasters is a great opportunity. Put all of the skills that your Accent Reduction Coach has taught you to use.

Try it out! Let me know how it goes. Take a minute to leave a comment, ask me a question, and above all make sure that you sign up for our newsletter. It’s free.

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