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Basketball Idioms – Learn them before tonight’s big game!

We can’t teach the Miami Heat how to win, but we can help you learn some useful basketball-related idioms, in English of course!

So, as you may or may not know, the Miami Heat are trailing the San Antonio Spurs by 1 game.  It really is a do or die situation.  In English, do or die means that you either have to win or go home. We can also use this expression in daily life.  Try using it before your next big business meeting.

On the rebound is another common expression in American English.  A rebound in basketball is when the ball is recovered after a missed shot.  In speech we can use on the rebound to speak about a recovery in general.  For example,  “Kanye got Kim when she was on the rebound.”  Meaning she had just split up with her latest flame, and was in recovery mode.

A lay up in basketball describes a shot with one hand from near the basket.  We often use lay up in casual English conversation to describe something that is, or was, easy.

The list goes on and on, but I have an English class to go teach.  If you want to learn more useful American idioms for General English or even for Business English,  you know where we are.  Check out our courses at here!

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