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Accent Reduction with Ivelin

Join Ivelin Giro as she goes through a 26-week accent reduction course.

Over the next half year, Ivelin will take one 45-minute accent reduction lesson every week. Each week we will focus on one “trouble spot” and practice that in an effort to help Ivelin speak with a standard American accent.  

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This will be an interesting project and, at the very least, will hold Ivelin accountable to do her homework and practice, practice, practice!  Remember, changing your accent is a lot of work and takes determination and dedication, but it is possible and I know she can do it!  So, over the next 26 weeks you can follow this blog, learn some tips and techniques for accent reduction, and listen to Ivelin as she changes her accent.

Do you want to learn more about accent modification?  If yes, then make sure to follow this blog!

I will have one post each week detailing one or two tips or techniques which can help you reduce your accent.

Accent Reduction Class in Miami
Before we begin, lets meet Ivelin.

Ivelin, an actress, mom, AND dedicated student, is enrolled in LANGUAGE ON’s Semi-Intensive English course: English Unlimited.  On top of attending her daily English classes Ivelin has decided to reduce her accent, which is very important for her job as an actress. Listen, watch, and read over the next 26 weeks to how Ivelin’s accent slowly changes and begins to sound more like a native North American English speaker.

Listen to her introduce herself and pay special attention to how her speech sounds to you. Can you tell where she is from? Why do you think that is?


Hello everybody, my name is Ivelin. I am originally from Cuba, but I have been living in the United States for 15 years. I am a student at LANGUAGE ON in Miami Beach. I have decided to take accent reduction lessons because speaking is very important for my job as an actress. Every week, for the next 26 weeks, I will be learning a new technique or rule in an effort to speak in a standard American accent. Each week you can read about my class, listen to me speak, and hear my progress. Follow me on my accent reduction adventure. Wish me luck!

Nice to meet you Ivelin, and good luck!

So, could you hear an accent?  Of course, everybody has an an accent and that’s fine. However, my job is to try to help Ivelin speak with a “neutral” or “standard” American accent. Now, follow her on her journey. Remember, not everybody has the same “accent problems” and I can’t teach everything in 26 short lessons but I will do my best.

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People choose to change their accent for many reasons! What’s yours?

Instruction for Private Accent Reduction Classes is provided by Premium Languages, the private tutorial, foreign language, and test preparation partner of LANGUAGE ON. Courses provided by Premium Languages are not accredited by CEA and do not qualify for F-1 (student) visas.

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