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About us

Our mission is to inspire people to fulfill their professional and personal English language goals in a comfortable, engaging environment.
Our experienced and creative teachers use an extensive range of themes and materials to develop the structures of the English language and promote practical language proficiency.
At LANGUAGE ON, students learn English, not about English.

Who we are

Our first school was established by friends, teachers, and professionals with a common goal of providing an exceptional educational service and allowing us to do what we do best: educate and fulfill the personal and professional English language learning goals of our students.

Your experience at LANGUAGE ON will prepare you for the next step on your path to success. We believe that learning another language can, and will, open doors that will take you places you never thought possible. Stop dreaming and start doing! It’s time to #TurnYourLanguageOn.

Why us

  • We provide a first-class educational experience
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Great locations
  • Individualized attention and outstanding customer service
  • Highly trained and experienced teachers
  • High quality and affordable homestay accommodation
  • We offer a variety of activities to continue learning outside the classroom

Our method

In the classroom

  • High energy group classes
  • Qualified, experienced English teachers
  • Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Classroom activities include: debates, pair work, discussions, grammar exercises and more

Our curriculum

  • Communicative approach
  • Topic and skills-based curriculum
  • Wide range of themes with engaging, relevant content and international topics
  • Extensive use of authentic materials to prepare students for success

Outside the classroom

  • Additional extracurricular activities during and after class to provide extensive opportunities to practice English and make new friends from around the world
  • Typical activities and outings include BBQs, sporting events, visits to local museums and exhibits, meals out and more


LANGUAGE ON’s English schools are accredited by CEA and offer intensive English courses to international students and short-term visitors.

Our students

Our students come from all around the world and stay for varying lengths of time. You will have the chance to make new friends from many different countries.

We create a safe, fun, dynamic, and tolerant environment and encourage our students to teach us about their cultures as well.

Contact us

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Call Us at +1 (305) 521 9434