Student Accommodation in Miami and Miami Beach

Choosing the right accommodation is a very important part of your educational experience.
We want you to be comfortable and happy with the accommodation option you choose.
Our student housing choices will allow you to immerse yourself in English and make the most of your time in the USA.

Shared Rooms

Stay with other students!

Live with other tourists and students in shared living quarters in a local hostel. Choose a private room or a shared room. Accommodation options vary in price depending on size, location, and length of stay. (subject to availability)


Why choose this option?

Make new friends from around the world.

Be independent! Come and go as you please. Dinners, parties, movies! You will have the opportunity to experience many fun activities with your roommates.

Speak English all the time! Chances are your roommates will not speak the same language as you. You will have no choice, but to speak English!

Eat English, Sleep English, Breathe English, Live English!

  • Language On is the most amazing school. Success is guaranteed with professional teachers and very high-quality lessons. An accent class is also extremely useful! I really hit the nail on the head when I chose this school!

    Ludovica Italy


Study with an American family!

Experience life with an American family.  Practice your English, and live in comfort with one of the many host families available in Miami. Meal options include: breakfast-only or  breakfast and dinner. Room options include private or shared rooms.


Why choose this option?

It’s safe. All families have undergone background checks and have been approved to host students.

Family companionship. Homestay families are your home away from home. From home cooking to questions about your day, they are there to help you adapt to the USA.

Practice your English! As part of your English immersion, it is critical to your improvement to practice, practice, practice.

  • I'm filled with a sense of gratitude! After few months at Language On I improved my English and got a new job.

    Anastasia Russia

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